Tuesday, 14 August 2012

So Much Love

                                                                                                Source: eatpeople.tumblr.com via Monica on Pinterest

Just living is not enough, said the butterfly. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower- Hans Christian Anderson

This Monday I couldn't be loving anything more than the feeling of my growing baby's first flutters.
Right on 18 weeks too!
As my Mum & sister rubbed my belly and spoke words of love through my shirt suddenly a spurt of fluttering began and my sister felt the slightest sweep of movement pass across her skin like the delicate brush of butterfly wings.

All night it continued and again this morning. It seems baby loves to be talked to, which is good since most people I hold company with certainly love to talk :)

In two more weeks hubby and I find out what sex we're having.
I couldn't be more excited to know all is well and healthy in there.
All I want is for this scan to go well and at the end of it all to be granted the greatest reward I have ever dared wish for - our longed for baby, finally in my arms where it has always belonged.

Happy Monday folks xox

p.s. Not in love with the fact that the Much Love Monday meme is dead,
but I'll do my best to keep the spirit alive on here at least. 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Words From Before…

Sitting here I've written and rewritten this post countless times only to eventually squirrel it away to my archives for a later date.
Fluffing away about my tales of impending travel feels empty and irrelevant while I struggle to not scream from the rooftops the most exciting news of all… 
That I am almost 2 months pregnant!

How this is even possible escapes me as I had no idea you could conceive without at least having a cycle but it seems the old adage is true about life happening when you're busy making other plans.

So here I am, a week away from when I first found out the glorious news that a miracle is growing steadily inside me, a week away from leaving the country alone for the first time in my life and a week away from saying goodbye to my husband for the longest we'll ever have been apart so far in the 12 long years of our relationship.

I promise when I get back to fill you in on all that has been happening. 
I promise when I get back to be utterly and completely open and as honest as before.
For now I feel I need to retreat - to keep this little treasure to myself lest I jinx myself and wake up from this most beautiful of dreams.
Soon I can feel safe enough to share xox


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