Monday, 16 July 2012

Guess What?

Signs you might be pregnant or possibly unstable:

1. The Queens Diamond Jubilee concert brings tears to your eyes and the grand finale fireworks leave you blubbering (even though you otherwise couldn't care less about the Queen or her monarchy).

2. You cry during Cadbury's chocolate commercials because "they're so joyful".

3. You crave a meal from TGIFriday's (a salad and their sesame jack chicken strips to be exact) for 3 entire days only to finally arrive to a full house and be told there'll be an hours wait for the next table
- so you cry.

4. You have to stop listening to the radio because every song suddenly makes you emotional.

5. You can no longer spell to save your life.

6. Finding even the most simple of words to express what you want to communicate is beyond your current mental capacity.

7. You forget what you're talking about, mid sentence. 

8. You get irrationally angry at everyone's sudden observation of your "slightly festive belly".

9. While watching the children's movie Rio you weep because "their friendship is just so special".
By now I'm starting to think that I may be a little "special".

10. But it's all ok because as sudden as your mood swings come they are replaced by another inappropriate response to any given situation. 

So which do you think it is…
Is she crazy or up the duff?

Aw here, I'll give you a clue ;)

Hooray hooray


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