Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day 24: Parents

Dearest Mama & Baba,

For all the times I disobeyed when you were only guiding me out of love and concern, for worrying you with my apparent lack of direction in life and total disrespect towards you as a teenager - I'm sorry.
Because you have loved me despite the pure undiluted rebellion that has always coursed through my veins, I thank you.
For all the ways in which you have and continue to help me, for being the unique and special beings that you are, for raising me in your own way - You are appreciated more than words can say.
Thank you for sharing with me your wisdom, your stories of another world and time that would otherwise be long forgotten.
I'm glad I persisted in trying to understand who you both really are underneath the titles of Mum & Dad for you are both exceptional people that I am blessed to call my parents.
Everyday I learn more and more of your struggles, your bravery and success in life both past and current. I couldn't look up to any two people more.
For the most simple, which are equally the most beautiful, reasons
I love you.

- For if there's love dear... those are the ties that bind, and you'll have a family in your heart forever  :)


amberlee said...

A beautiful letter my love. I will say it again, you are surely gifted with the words.

P.S Maybe you can write my reflective narrative for Professional engagement??? Actually you can be my editor in chief!

katsicles said...

If it wasn't waaay over my head I would write it for you in an instant :)
I'll be your editor in chief though - if you can write it in a way that helps me grasp the concept you know you're in for sure lol

Anonymous said...

you write a beautiful note. your words are perfect.

katsicles said...

I can only hope to be as wonderful a parent as they have been one day - although as they have often warned me, I'll be sure to learn the same lessons I taught them when my turn comes. Karma baby :)

Becky~ said...

Oh so lovely.What a special tribute to them.Love the quote at the end,its so true.

Thea said...

That! is beautiful.

Thea said...

PS Sorry, my comment came through in triplicate!!!

katsicles said...

Ahaha I hate when that happens - don't worry I would've fixed it but you beat me to it :)

Odie Langley said...

That was sooooooooooo sweet.


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