Monday, 6 February 2012

For The Love of Pie

I love having the time to bake my man a pie.
My darling loves this recipe, even though he's a vegie-phobe!
(the trick is to shred them super fine - yea, like you would for a 5yr old.)

But because I also love my carbs, my variation includes puff pastry,
and so the finished result is this fine lookin' thang;
 Trust me it tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Wishing you a very tasty Much Love Monday


Joanne said...

This recipe looks perfect for this cold February day, just de-lish :)

I clicked over from Catherine's, enjoyed browsing today ...

The Waits said...

heck to the friggin yeah yeah! that looks awesome! yuummm

Sacha♥ said...

it look amazing. yummy :D

Scarlett said...

Now, THAT'S a pretty pie.

So glad I popped over from Catherine's!

I just love your photographs, Katerina! I can also say, that I LOVE kiwi, LOVE that beautiful white cake with the heart in the middle(want that) and I LOVE this blog.

Looking forward to much more!

Loulou said...

What a beautifully done pie! Bet it tasted delicious.

Loulou Downtown

georgi said...

i used to grate up veges for my flatmates too, sneak them into lasagnes etc. Now that I am vegetarian I can be a lot more blatant about it..haha! this pie looks delicious, recipe?? the heart is so cute just by the way. xx

guiltlessreader said...

that look delish :) thanks for the visit!

Ciera said...

oh my gosh, this is so cute!

Thea said...

Wow YUM!! I wish I liked to bake.


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