Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Heeeeeeeeeere's Kitty!





<Insert crickets chirping here…>

Hmm… well irrespective of the fact that I probably don't have an audience anymore since I haven't graced the pages of my dusty little blog in well over a year now, I'm choosing to jump right back in whether I'm doomed to talk to myself forever or not.

When I first started out I felt I needed an inner outlet,  a space to call my own and let's be honest, some distraction of a sort… Being on a 6 year TTC journey is harrowing to say the least but I'm glad I gave myself the chance to express myself through this online world.

It opened up a doorway into an entire universe of people & mindsets I would never have otherwise come across which, I'm honoured to say, have shaped me somewhat into who I am today.

While I'm sure the online community holds it's fair share of Judgey McJudgisons & awful
Snidey Snidesons (what neighbourhood doesn't?) overall I've been blessed to have an all access pass into some wonderful ways of seeing a world I would ordinarily not be privy to.

So where is this sugary confessional leading you may ask?
That is, provided there's a YOU out there actually asking right now...
Well it finally feels as though I've come full circle on myself & am ready to approach this blog anew.

Since I no longer have the luxury of spending hours at a time composing what inevitably turns out to be a still far from perfect post…
Today is a rare occasion of which I have a full  SIX SPARE HOURS!
Can I get a Hallelujah?!!!
I'm simply going to pop in now and then with a brief snippet of my life as it stands in that moment.

No more rambling… well a little less rambling… after today obviously.

I've missed my humble little space and thought about posting many a time but alas my computer nooby ways would require too much editing/writing/rewriting time that I just don't often have.
Feel free to feel sorry for me.
Thank you.

Get ready for a new name, new approach & new me.
Hold onto your hats people…
It's gonna get real warm & fuzzy 'round here.


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