Friday, 30 September 2011

A Proper Minute… in September

Two takes of the same view remind me,
It's all about perception.

Playing Just a min… all alone today so won't be linking up anywhere. 
Still I think it's a nice way to reflect on what's been going on each month and on some of the more subtle changes that occur.
I always get asked how I've been and what's been happening only to say not much or not a lot while feeling a bit sad that my life plans aren't rolling along as quickly as I'd like them to be.
I do have a tendency to focus on the bigger milestones in life rather than taking time to notice the finer details such as these:

Making… Money. Its been a madhouse around here with 10-12hr days over the past few weeks. With nicer weather comes the realisation we can no longer hide our hairy legs and ratty nails behind bulky clothes and gloves.
Watching… Breaking Bad season 4, this show is all kinds of suspense and drama and has me up till the wee hours of the morning watching "just one more episode". I'm so hooked!
Reading... I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max, I read this wanting to know what all the fuss was about. At one stage during some of his accounts I had to ask myself; 'do guys like this really exist?' before realising, "of coarse they do", in fact I actually know a fair few of them… if only they'd let me tell their stories.
Listening… to various bloggers choice tracks - this is my favourite way of finding great music and getting to know peoples musical taste at the same time. Gems of the moment are Video Games & Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey, after being reminded of her thanks to the lovely Miss Amber Lee.
Still sussing out the rest of her stuff but for now those two songs are on repeat in my mind.
Playing… with Poladroid as featured above.
Loving… collapsing onto the couch in my hubbys arms after a long day.
Looking forward… to relaxing in Trinity Beach. Can't wait to recharge these ol' batteries. I'm sure I must run on solar energy.

Taking part in Just a minute is my way of stopping to smell the roses when I've been spending far too long focusing on the manure  ; )

Thursday, 29 September 2011

All Systems Down

Someone give me strength!

Not much to report.

Finally got my internet up and working again. Sort of.

But then, during yesterdays storm, my phone felt like jumping out of my pocket and dancing in the rain…. instead it broke its proverbial leg and drowned.

Yes this is my life - believe it.

Well at least now I can vouch that phones really aren't waterproof and the internet is rigged.
(i swear i did what tech support suggested at least 10 times before it finally worked with them on the line. Shifty, very shifty.
My phone on the other hand cannot be resurrected, no matter how long I spend blasting it with the hair dryer.)

RIP Crapberry Perv :(

But seriously if this is a precursor into what's left of my week maybe it's best I don't leave my bed for the next few days.
This weekend should certainly be interesting…
I'm afraid… I'm very afraid.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Access Denied

For some unknown reason this week my internet connection is being a big fat bastardly pain in my .com!

My side of the web is seriously tangled - I can't seem to save anything, share anything, load anything or even access my own information. WAAAAH!!!
Not a happy blogger :(

Maybe this is a message from the all mighties to step away from the computer and have a little break?
Believe me I'm trying really hard to fight it but every time I struggle with it I get more and more frustrated.
I think instead I'm going to have to give in and let go (is anyone else sensing a common theme running through my life at the moment?)
p.s. Apologies if I've accidentally sent multiple messages to you or comments that don't make any sense. The technical difficulties have been endless…

So while this post is just a little check in to say see ya later alligator, just know you may not see me for a while crocodile.
Crossing my fingers and my toes that it sorts itself out soon but until then I'll be taking the time to engage in some "real world" activities.

Now can anyone tell me what exactly do people without the internet do in their spare time?
; )

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kindred Spirits

I know I'm about to come across as super stalkerish but I'm prepared to throw caution to the wind.
It's not every day I come across people who share my eclectic taste in music so I simply have to share.

When I stumbled upon Kirsty Helen's blog I thought; This here's one cute page.

I first chose to dive straight in by checking out her Music list.
Well…. all I can say is Wowzers! A love affair has begun.
There are so many great finds, I urge you to take the time to peruse her lists. The magic is endless… well... not quite, it ends on page 3 sadly but I'm sure there'll be more to come.

And so when I was done with my musical journey I delved a little deeper into her Literature section and soon found that this girl is smart as well as having great taste in music. (yea, if you share my interests you must be awesome right? I know, real humble of me…)
Anyway, in the spirit of this Sunday Session segment I wish to thank
Miss Helen for introducing me to some new lyrical obsessions.
Namely for introducing me to Oh Land.
Oh, indeed!

Have I sucked up enough? Okay I'll stop… right after this last note:

Seriously, how can you not fall in love with Nanna after hearing these exceptional performances?
(I'm talking Fabricius not Mouskouri, although she's also lovely in her own right)
The one that started it all.

•This song IS Perfection

Though I prefer the live version.

There… see what I mean?
She's beautiful, has an amazing voice (even live)
and writes her own music. 
Some people have all the luck don't you think?

Hope I've inspired a little love affair
within some of you too xo

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Beetroot Incident

Warning: Waffling Ahead

Now back when I was visiting my family in Michigan, Detroit I kept getting all sarcastic about us Aussies being best friends with Crocodile Dundee and sipping tea with Sandy from Grease, so it seems I sealed my own fate when karma decided to throw it right back in my contemptuous little middle class face.

It may have been around the time of Spring Carnival or maybe it was during the Australian Open, I'm not sure, but either way we were being particularly slammed that month.
Tempers were flaring and patience was short. And that was just the staff at the salon. As far as the clients went, all I'll say is; you don't want to know how quickly a person can turn when you tell them the last appointment for the next 3 months just got nabbed 5 minutes ago.

As one woman put it "Don't you know who I am? I'm THEE face of the races, I can't be seen without perfect eyebrows before this weekend!"
"Ummm… no, I don't know who you are and with that attitude I don't particularly care to either. Surely if you were thee face of anything you would've organised yourself more than a day in advance for such a big event. No?" is what I would have liked to say but somehow, even after all my years of receiving verbal abuse, I've managed to remain professional and as polite as possible in these situations.

Still, I digress…

So anyway on this particular day I'm tired, I'm cranky and most importantly I'm starving.
Not a good combination on any given day but even worse for a food loving Greek during the peak social season.
Look up the word Hangry and you'll see a picture of me:

han·gry /Adjective /haNGəˌrē
1. Expressing signs of lashing out due to feeling or displaying the need for food.
2. A hungry and therefor angry Greek: She was hangry due to not eating in the last 12 hours.
3. [a picture of me]

I'd had enough. I needed some sustenance. And solitary confinement.
I could have spent my lunch break returning the 10,000 messages of threats and bribes for appointments but I knew if I spoke to one more person while in this state I would likely have a break down and erupt in a homicidal rampage.

Since I only had half an hour to shove something substantial in my gob I dashed off to the local grocers in order to grab something rather than wasting time at one of the over populated cafes in the area.
Choosing to do the healthy thing and throw together a quick salad I picked up some salad greens, a can of tuna, some chick peas, corn (all ring-tops) and a can of beetroot (no ring-top).
Dashing back to the salon I hurriedly threw the contents in a bowl and searched for the can opener.
No such luck.

So back to the grocers I ran to buy a can opener since I figured it would come in handy over the next few days. Luckily this shop was only across the road and so it took all of two seconds.
Back to my can of beetroot and I find I've bought a defective can opener. Of coarse.
Enraged at the prospect of going beetrootless (yes i love my beetroot, don't judge me ok) and out of principle I run back across to exchange the faulty product.
The owner of the store assures me they're not faulty and so it takes me 10 minutes of arguing to get my way before he finally lets me exchange it for another one.

Take 2 on the freeing of the beetroot.
No. Such. Luck.

Now any normal person would have given up and let it go but in my furious state of hanger I go racing across the road again like an infuriated baboon, can and opener in hand ready to give Apu and his Quicky Mart a piece of my mind.

The store is full of shoppers by now and of coarse there's a line from the counter out to the wah-zou.
Just my luck with less than 15mins left of my break.
It's crossed my mind to just drop it but my stubborn blood is boiling and I know I can't let it go.

Storming to the counter and pushing past to the front of the queue I loudly complain that this can opener is faulty too and so dared him to open my can of beetroot if I was wrong.
I'd completely disregarded the people waiting in line but after another 5mins ticked by with the owner and his staff struggling to get the can open using various openers they stocked, I'd finally cooled off enough to be more than a little embarrassed at the commotion I was causing and was finally ready to give up.

Imagine my horror when I looked behind me and not only saw a sea of irritated faces all directing their hate upon me but was hit with a hot sack of shock at the belated recognition of the woman I had pushed in front of.

Me: (In my mind): Fungool, it's Sandra D!

Me: Look, forget about it. Don't worry I'll come back later.
Apu: No, no, I will fix it for you in a jiffy.
Me: No really, it's ok. You're very busy and I'm running out of time.
Apu: Please ma'm I will be fixing this for you in no time.
Me: (glancing sheepishly at the growing agitation of the crowd) Please I really just want my money back so I'll come back later okay.
Apu: (ignoring me now and adamant he'll get this damn can open)
Me to Olivia Newton John: I'm sooo sorry to keep you waiting. (while giving her my best rendition of apologetic puppy eyes)
Sandra D: (not buying any of it and in sarcastic tone) Don't worry about it. Clearly your beetroot is very important to you.
Me: (ready to crawl under a rock and die)

The End

p.s. After all that once he managed to get the bloody thing open it spilled all over the counter and my lunch break was wasted as well as creating a mess.
Oh well no use crying over spilled beetroot...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Do I Know You?

About as thinly disguised as a bear would need to be in order to confuse me.

This is a prelude to what is now known amongst my friends as:
"The Beetroot Incident".
That story will come tomorrow but for now let me just explain my ineptitude to recognise my own Mum in the street let alone anyone semi famous.

I have to admit, when it comes to celebrities you could plonk Brad Pitt on my doorstep and I probably wouldn't recognise him.
Okay maybe not Brad Pitt but for the sake of this story lets insert some slightly more B grade celeb in his place. In fact I'd be less likely to believe it was him at all then guess it was him in the first place.

Anyway having worked in South Yarra, the upety yuppyty capital of Melbourne for several years I got to see my fair share of celebs of various alphabetical grading.

Like the time I swore to my client that I absolutely knew her from school or something but as it turns out she frequents my living room every night at 6 o'clock thanks to the Channel 10 news.

Or the time I condescendingly (unintentionally of coarse, I didn't mean it to come out that way) congratulated Karen Martini for being so accomplished while I'm sure she knew I didn't even have an inkling of who the hell she was… regardless of the fact she's a regular judge on Master Chef, owns 2 swanky restaurants and is a feature food presenter on Better Homes & Gardens.
I think what gave it away was when she told me she had a cooking segment on Better Homes and I asked what channel that was on...

Or how about the time I sat around paying out the rich kids for naming the Botanical Gardens "The Tan" (for short I assumed) when in reality that is the actual name for the track, used by locals to jog on, that runs through the gardens. Derp!

I could go on for days about all my embarrassing incidents but the pièce de résistance of my stories (aside from seeing the look on Megan Gale's face when we were too booked up to fit her in during her "surprise visit") was my run in with Olivia Newton John. More on that tomorrow.

But I'll finish for now by saying to any celebs out there, at least you know you won't get any special treatment from me.
No gushing to be found here. You hear that Mr Pitt?
I promise to treat you just like any other regular Joe Black.
Everyone gets the exact same standard of service with me and you can rest assured you wont need any disguises if you ever chose to stay anonymous in my salon. Lady Gaga I'm lookin' at you.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Just a mini minute in…. September: The Sky's the Limit!

This last one is just a glimpse of the world
through the eyes of my Orotons… more to come...

I know we're only half way through but I missed out in August
so here I go...
Over the next few months I have lots to anticipate.

❥We finally booked our belated pre-honeymoon (consolation prize) for 3 weeks time - Cairns, Palm Cove &Trinity Beach here we come!

❥I have my first BIG night out in eeeeeons coming up in just 2 weeks time for Miss Jessica's Blinged out B'Day… I advise all to stay out of the Melbourne metropolitan area for fear of being blinded by the guests resembling disco balls, (I'm assuming that's what being "blinged out" means, doesn't it?)...
- stay tuned for tales of drunken debacles and the hilarity that ensues.

❥Throwing my first Halloween party - I reeeally, really, reeally want to have one this year. Really.

❥My favourite time of the year Christmas is just 95 days away - can you believe it?!

❥Staying positive that this longed for baby will be on it's way in the new year xx

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Participating in (Almost) Wordless Wednesday,
though you must know by now my ability to be wordless
is a bit of a joke around here.
Therefor I make no apologies for double posting today so as to not
impinge on the rules for a change.

Blog you later xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First?

I saw this today and just HAD to share.
As I've often wondered how I'll cope when the day comes
 for my fluffy little guy to leave me,
I hope to be able to keep these words in mind.

Click here to get a readable size.
Great words to remember don't you think?

It's All About The Bling!

After some inspiration via Pintrest and the beat on the street I finally got over my fear of nail art and made an attempt to be a little more creative with my manicures this month.

Prepare to be Bedazzled!
(Just please ignore my scrappy looking cuticles
and rough little edges.)

I think I could stand to be a bit more adventurous with the stone placement. Mine aren't quite as hardcore as the first ones shown but I think they're a good start.

Also just to let you know both attempts were done using Shellac so no damage at the end to the nail whatsoever. 

Healthy, strong and longer nails are the end result.

I love CND ♥

Monday, 19 September 2011

Much Love-ing: The Social Season

Drinks + Friends + Great Weekend = Winning!

I'm absolutely, positively brimming with happiness at this beautiful weather recently.
Today is a balmy 29 degrees! So in my element right now.

Also the time frame has been picked and this Wednesday we'll be booking our flights and accommodation so in less than 3 weeks we'll be jetting off to Queensland. Holidays here we come!

Wednesday's chock full of awesomeness because as well as finally booking our tropical getaway, well as tropical as we can get without a passport - Don't even think that I've given up on Hawaii… I'm also getting my long hair back.
Although I've loved the lightness and freedom of my extension-less-ness I'm less than impressed by the baby fine fluff masquerading as hair right now. Forgot how pathetic mine was compared to the rest of the population. Advance hair? Yea yea!

Last but not least I'm feeling so much happier and settled after a good old gassbag with friends and some recreational steam letting.
I'm a lucky girl indeed.
- Happy Days xx

Linking my gloating up with Anna on this Much Love Monday ♥ 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Country Feelings

Here we are on this glorious Sunday with another one of

Down in the Valley - The Head and The Heart

Know Better, Learn Faster - Thao With the Get Down Stay Down

Little Garcon - Born Ruffians

Home - Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros

This weekend I've had that country feeling, probably because I'm pinning for a getaway and these kind of sunshiney days always make me yearn for long drives and picnics  :)

These are my 4 picks for country side road-trips or at least daydreams of them…

Hope you've been having a wonderful weekend xx

Friday, 16 September 2011

Boy meets Girl… the fairytale.

Once upon a time, on the same date as this though many moons ago a boy and a girl went on a date with fate.

He was a fresh faced youngster just 2 months shy of 18 while she was no more than a girl, yet hardened and cynical for her mere 17 years.
The boy had admired her from afar for quite a time but the girl had no desire left in her practical heart for such foolhardy things as love.

She dreamed of travel, the pursuit of adventure and of leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake.
The plan, so she imagined, was to graduate from her studies, acquire a working visa and run away to distant lands where nobody knew her name.
He merely hoped for an opportunity to meet the lovely young woman and see if the chance for love could thrive within them.

When they finally met it was in the corniest of settings, (a double date no less) and only after much goading from mutual friends of the time that the girl did relent and agree to meet the boy whom she had so vehemently denied for a full year.

What harm could it do, she wondered, to simply enjoy a date in the company of friends?
No one was asking her hand in marriage, she would allow them their pointless excursion, put the boy out of his misery, take advantage of a free meal and would make no apologies for her ruthless attitude towards him.
That, my friends, is precisely what she did.

She rattled on about plans to escape the dreary suburbs of her current home for the azure waters of Greece and the vastness of America.
She was blunt when he asked for her stance in relationships stating that if and when she chose to give herself over to someone she was neither into the games people her age played nor in having her heart played with. That she was steadfastly loyal and committed to those who deserved it, would trust wholeheartedly until proven otherwise and would by no means ever put up with lying.
Trust, she had discovered, was a foundation upon which all relationships in life were built and without it, she concluded, you were better off alone.

The boy listened intently, both resonating with her admirable morals yet sensing deep within that here stood a girl who had been wounded and would not be won over easily.

She ate and drank at his expense, she even flirted with another male at the bar and talked much about herself but the boy saw something special in her that night, he could see right through her nonchalant manner, locating the fragile light that flickered deep within.
He played all of his cards right, stayed cool in his demeanour but warm in his conversation, behaved chivalrously at all times and conducted himself with poise and devoted attentiveness.
This was something the girl had never experienced in a boy their age before and her mind began to question her hearts true motives.

When the night drew to it's inevitable close the boy stated his gratitude in having spent an enjoyable evening in the girls company and expressed his desire to see her again soon.
With a kiss upon her cheek and a slip of his number in her hand the boy departed into the night leaving the girl full of questions; her heart in a haze of intrigue yet her head adamant to not give up on her dreams for the guise of a seemingly good guy.

As the weeks passed by the girl found herself more and more within the boys company.
This isn't forever, she reminded herself, all good things must come to an end. And when they did she'd be ready. Thoughts of distant lands were never far from her mind.

After 4 months they had begun to fall in love.
Tentatively at first but with a growing passion that threatened to consume them.
Days and nights were spent in each others arms and on the eve of her 18th birthday they had decided to present their love to the girls family and traditional old world parents.

Where do you see this going? The girl often asked.
There's no knowing, we don't have a crystal ball, was the boys instant reply.
With this in mind, rather than creating expectations they made a mutual decision instead; So long as we're having fun, not hurting each other or ourselves lets see how far this love can go.

That oath was made 11 years ago around the time the two were married this very year and I'm pleased to announce while things may not always be fun and games in this grown up world we have entered, the good still outweighs the bad and we are, mostly, very much on each others side  :)

<images found here and oddly enough here>

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bored Much?

Select your fragrances, get your jars ready & melt your wax.
A little while ago I mentioned I'd be trying my hand at a bit of crafting of sorts.
My bumbled attempt at home made Scented Soy Candles.
Well I finally did it and the process was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be.

Allow the wax to cool slightly before blending through your fragrance oil.
Then carefully pour the combined product into your container or jar.
I used pegs to keep my wicks in place while the wax cooled.

Turns out the hardest part is working out the oil to wax ratio depending on how strong you like your fragrance.
Getting creative with oil blends is also a working progress as my attempt at creating a Vanilla & Cinnamon blend using a dash of essential oil somehow came out smelling like banana.

As well as underestimating how much oil I'd need to create a strong enough fragrance, I also mucked the big one up by not melting enough soy flakes to fill it with.

Still the finishing product was really pretty...

And all up it took less than an hour to create 4 luscious smelling candles.
Think I'd like to invest in some colour cubes so as to
distinguish between the different flavours  :)
After 24hrs they were ready to burn.
Tropical Malibu has been the clear winner so far but
next on the crafting list is Cherry Blossom,
Frangipani, Mandarin, &
Christmas Day.

- Eat your heart out, Better Homes & Gardens.
Surely this beats your mutated glove puppets?

p.s. Forgot to mention that all the materials cost me around $80
with the oils being the most expensive items at around $12 each.
The 2kgs of Soy Wax, 6 wicks & 6 assorted jars cost next to nothing.
(Your containers can be picked up from anywhere, you could easily use mason jars, old tins or you could even make pretty little teacup candles.) 
The best part is soy wax is completely natural and water soluble so once you've finished your candle simply wash in warm water and refill with a new fragrance.

...I'm getting way too excited about this aren't I? Showing my true colours and all that...
Crap, the jig is up!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Puppy Love

Bond. Oscar Bond...

His new favourite toy is never far from his side.

My little fur baby brings me so Much Love ♥

Diagnosis: Infertile

When I was just a girl at the tender age of 15 I was already labeled and became a member of what unfortunately seems to be a none too uncommon group even in this modern world we live in.
I can still recall hearing the exact words that have haunted me to this day:
Diagnosis, Infertile.

You see I had been struggling with the onset of my puberty since 13.
It would come and then within the blink of an eye it would be gone.
I'd announce my impending breakthrough with delight to my Mum "I'm finally becoming a woman now!" only to have to sheepishly eat my words when it would suddenly disappear again.
It got to the stage that my Mum and sisters were starting to suspect I was a bit of an attention seeker until finally, when I'd reached a state of such incomprehensible depression, that something so irrational like the way the light would stream though my window or a sunset on a rainy day would set me off in convulsive tears that would leave me bleak and bedridden for days.
My hormones were put into question and tests to explain my behaviour were issued.

Turns out I had roughly 40-50 cysts in each ovary and my hormone levels were completely askew.
Back then there was no treatment aside from the Pill or ovarian drilling and there was no way my conservative parents would allow either of those. I was still a baby in their eyes and I'm sure they believed the doctors when they were told it was nothing to worry about until I was ready to have children and that my depression was just a normal part of adolescent growing pains.

I was told Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome was something I would live with and have to control for the rest of my life.
That at that stage I was considered infertile and that my chances to conceive in future were very low but not impossible with the help of new technology like IVF.

As you can imagine, for me to be told at the cusp of womanhood that my chances to conceive were next to zero was obviously devastating.
It's one thing to be 15 and nowhere near thinking about children of your own but it's a whole other ball game when you're essentially told that your basic human right to reproduce has been taken away from you whether you liked it or not.

What if I did want babies further down the track?
I'd barely even begun dating but instantly worried how and when I was supposed to break it to any potential partners in the future that I was clearly defective. A dud.
Who'd want to marry me if I couldn't even give them the chance at having children?

It all seemed so impossibly unfair. What had I done to deserve this?

I'd heard of girls falling pregnant as young as 16 and "shaming" themselves and their families, the gossip flying around almost carried in the wind.
Did you hear? Did you hear? They were only fooling around now she's gonna have it and she's really screwed over. Did you hear he's not even stickin' around? Yea but I heard she's a total slut, betchya it's not even his....

While I still dreaded the thought of ever being talked about in that way (or heaven forbid having to break something like that to my father!), I sometimes daydreamed wistfully about what it would be like to feel the excitement of falling pregnant accidentally.
How great it would be not having to worry about if I was damaged after all.

All this continued to get to me, compounded by my wildly swinging hormonal fluctuations. Things got pretty grim.
Thank goodness I was born into a family of adult siblings, all of whom had very open minds when it came to health and wellbeing so after plenty of pushing from my eldest sister I began to see the most wonderful natropath who soon set me straight both physically and emotionally.

After just 2 months I was smiling again, in 6 I had regained some kind of cycle regularity (well at least 1 every other month) and after a year my cysts were down to 10 on each side.

But of coarse I was still a teenager and once I'd start to feel good again, my strict diet and dedication to taking goopy potions and smelly pills would slide out the door, setting me up for a habit of yoyo-ing with my health.

Cut to now.
Here I am again 3 months in with a new natropath this time - only because the last one is in such high demand he's impossible to get in with and besides my current one is known as The Baby Maker so I figure with a reputation like that she's worth a shot.

For the first time in my life I've had a period for 6 consecutive months.
The condition of my ovaries has been downgraded to a level consistent with normal women - my cysts have cleared to less than 10 all up.
I seem to be ovulating, according to my charts and I've lost a whopping 15kgs in preparation for this next phase in life.

So all that's left to do now I suppose is wait. Wait another 9 months before I'm classed as having been 'actively trying'.
(even though I've been off the pill for 5years now and still nothing)

Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting by the way?
How afraid I am that my diagnosis from so long ago will be with me for the rest of my life?
That my worst fear is having tried every known avenue of conception and still being unsuccessful?
How afraid I am of not being able to deliver the one thing I wish for most? To produce this gift to my husband, family and mostly, to myself?

But I'll keep hoping, I'll keep wishing and praying for as long as it takes that each and every fruitless month so far in my life has simply been bringing me closer to that one day when my dream will finally come true and not to the realisation of my very worst fear.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Download Mania

A few songs that have been getting me through the week:

Can't help but dance around to this one.

Reminds me to keep thinking happy thoughts,
even when my heart is feeling sadness

One of the prettiest clips I've seen in a while,
this made me fall in love with the song all the more.

Great vibe; makes me long for beers, friends & dancing in the sun.

The harmonies in this song remind me so much of Grizzly Bear.
Love me some cool cinematography and you know how I feel about the use of bright colours :)

Linking these up with Thea's Sunday Session

As promised I waited ever so patiently until today to share with you my favourite downloads of the week.

Although there were actually 14 in total, that number has now grown to 20 and I couldn't possibly share all of them without having to rename this blog something like Kats Top 100 Countdown but I couldn't think of anything catchier so Kitty Litter it has to stay.

I'm always astounded by how much great music there is out there and I so love sharing what I find in the hopes others will enjoy what I like as much as I do.
These are the ones that have most grown on me over the last few days at least.

Sending out some music to brighten up your Sunday
and cap the week off on a dancey note xx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Retro Revival

Does anyone else remember This song?

I've been reminded of all things retro today - first Tencel jeans, then cheesecloth skirts, now 90's music flashbacks, what's going on?
The fact that all of this is considered "retro" is most disturbing by the way... when did I get to that point?

I look back on the 90's with some fondness but mostly with a bit of embarrassment actually.
It was a time of fool hearted naivety, when I was consumed by the grunge culture.
The fashion, the music and, unfortunately for my parents, the attitude that went along with it.

Tool, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and numerous other bands of the like were plastered to my bedroom walls - As well as blasting from my stereo, much to my parents disgust.
Longing every year to be allowed to go to The Big Day Out or The PushOver Festival like every other normal teenager seemed to be, because of coarse in my eyes I was the only girl in the world ever being restricted from going to see a band while underage.
If I could have rustled up the cash I probably would've snuck out and gone without their permission but in the name of karma thank goodness I didn't!

I wonder if, by the time my own kids are going through their teenage years, I'll be just as adamant they're listening to absolute rubbish  :)

Do you have anything you remember fondly about the 90's?
If so, what was your favourite thing about that era?

Meanwhile, back in the present, I'm heading off for some Indian Take Away, white wine, girly gossip and trashy tv - can't imagine anything more wonderful right now (insert BIIIG smile here)

Happy retro weekend to you

Friday, 9 September 2011

Quietly Thankful

With Love & Gratitude

Just want to say a little thank you to my bloggy friends for continuing to cheer me on and a little bit more to some new additions that I have been stalking reading up on for a while now.

Melissa & Rosie in particular, your posts of mis-conception experiences have been getting me through these past few months of darkness.
It's comforting to see my crazy head is not so crazy after all, just another kind of normal that I wish we didn't know.

Many thanks for your bravery in sharing your journeys, I only hope I can cary myself with half as much poise while I embark on this long road of my own.

With love,
Kat x

p.s. Almost didn't post this (and am still having 2nd & 3rd thoughts about pulling it down) as I fear my blog may be getting a case of the sads on.
I hope I'm not turning too many of you off me,
I promise it's just a phase and I'll be back to my merry little self in no time. 
Mostly I am, I just need to have a drama queeny rant every now and then if you would be so kind as to forgive me...
I am currently hormonal after all.
Think I should stay away until Aunt Flo packs her bags & goes back from whence she came  ;)

Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head

So just when we all got excited about the Spring weather I've had to bustle up like I'm off to the snow again.
Not that I'm complaining, this morning I woke to the most beautiful pitter patter of raindrops tapping along my window accompanied by the rat-a-tat-tat percussion of drips from my down pipe.
I wish I had recorded it, I swear it was like music.

Now normally that rusted down pipe annoys the bejebus out of me but today it was nice to be reminded of my joy for the simple things in life, and that I could either piss and moan about my circumstances or I could try real hard and listen out for the song.

I chose to listen to the song...

And would you look at that, the clouds have parted and the suns come out for a while. Hello blue sky, my old friend.
Hope you can stay a while  :)


Thursday, 8 September 2011


In an age of instantaneous convenience where we have full control over getting what we want when we want it, I'm reminded yet again that some things in life persist to function autonomously, with entire disregard to our personal wants and needs.

Neither my desperation in desire or attempts at feigning complete and utter indifference ever have any effect on the outcome here, month after barren month.

What will be will be despite me and my many efforts so in that case I've decided that I will not waste another day pining over that which I cannot control.

The rest of this year will be spent either in drunken debauchery or enjoyed with reckless abandon.
I have holidays, birthdays, Spring Carnival and of coarse the silly season fast approaching and I'll be damned if I'm gonna put my fun side on hold any longer.

What's with my rush to fall pregnant anyway?
If it happens it happens and I'm sure it will do so or not do so regardless of my thoughts, actions or behaviour.
I don't need it, I know my life is already quite nice as it is.
Although I would love to be blessed with the next chapter in life it seems the story goes on with or without the realisation of my dreams.

So with that said; Bring on the booze, bread and don't forget to smother it in brie - this wannabe's goin' out with a bang!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011



Not thinking....
not thinking...
not waiting...
or hoping...

yea right!

By tomorrow all should be revealed yet after all this waiting and wishing and praying would you believe I'm actually too scared to know...
In this moment of limbo it all feels so terrifyingly perfect.
With fingers crossed and my heart on a limb I wait just a few more days for a verdict I may not want to hear but also for one I can't seem to live without.

Waiting expectantly,
Yours truly xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

♥'s on Monday

Here we are on this sunny Monday which I dare say is something to Much Love in itself  :)

But a few other things I'm loving today are little reminders that sometimes love or at least ♥'s can be found in the most unlikely of places...
Foil Heart
like on my salon floor for instance...
- Lastly I'm loving all 14 of my song downloads today- too many to list here; I know, I went a bit bananas... but don't worry I'm saving a choice few for next Sunday's Session
(Florence made up for this weekends absence I hope)

Sending out some ♥ to dance it's way into your Monday
many hugs,

Friday, 2 September 2011

What Florence Gave Me

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for her upcoming album due out this November, though it means more fricken waiting... well I can now obsess about that instead I suppose haha!

Enjoy this little morsel, if by chance you haven't already  :)


Not Thinking...

I promise this will be the last downer post for a while.
Well the week at least... after this I plan to be far too gloriously busy to give it anymore thought than I already have but as I said the other day, the final week is always the hardest as you just never know what news could be around the corner...

Still, have you ever been told "don't look now" only to instinctively look anyway?
That's pretty much what it's like to not think about something you're trying really hard not to think about. All the while you're reminding yourself not to think about it but the whole act of reminding yourself not to makes you aware you were just thinking about it.... you see my dilemma?... MmmHmm...

Well, as you may know I was reading a book called Eleven Minutes by one of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho.
I find it rather interesting that it's said that one always seem to pick the right book of his instinctively when "the time is right" so to speak, and that seems to be exactly what happens to me without exception.
For instance, Eleven Minutes is a story that revolves around sex, self discovery and morality that in the end I found a little too predictable yet I still managed to find an extract that resonated completely with my current state of mind:

'In all the languages of the world, there is the same proverb: "What the eyes don't see, the heart doesn't grieve over." Well, I say that there isn't an ounce of truth in it. The further off they are, the closer to the heart are all those feelings that we try to repress and forget. If we're in exile, we want to store away every tiny memory of our roots. If we're far from the person we love, everyone we pass in the street reminds us of them.
'The gospels and all the sacred texts of all religions were written in exile, in search of God's understanding, of the faith that moves peoples, of the pilgrimage of souls wandering the face of the Earth. Our ancestors did not know, as we do not know, what the Divinity expects from our lives - and it is out of this doubt that books are written, pictures are painted, because we don't want to forget who we are - nor can we.'

Over the next week my heart will be trying really hard not to grieve over what the eyes don't see.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ray of Light

Reaching for the sun
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
' We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
- Marianne Williamson author of A Return to Love


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