Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cookie Monster

So recently I've been getting all domestic and while in the festive mood I really wanted to try my hand at a spot of baking.
I can't say it's my forte but it certainly was a lot of fun making all this mess :)

I didn't have all the wiz bang tools so had to improvise a little when making my cloud, kite & button shapes.
Still, I think they turned out alright considering...

And the end result… drum roll please…

So what do you think?

Side note: A few months ago we had new neighbours move in next door.
A lovely young couple and their two adorable children.

As the weeks rolled by and I never had the chance to properly introduce myself, I feared what these people must think of their mysterious (rude) neighbour who worked long hours into the night, people coming and going from her house yet never taking the time to pop over and say hello.
It just seemed like every time they were home I was busy working and on the weekends I was free they always went away...

Before too long it just seemed too hard and in these fragile early stages of the relationship it already felt quite strained as we shyly waved our obligatory hellos and goodbyes every now and then.

Wracked with how to welcome them to the neighbourhood after so long I settled on baking them this little treat as a peace offering.
After all, who can refuse the allure of a good old fashioned sugar cookie?

No longer caring if the time was right I took my cookie jar over last night and presented it for better or for worse.
I think it must have worked as today, for the first time since they moved in, Lady of the House managed to stop and have a little chat with me in her front yard while the kids played hide and seek around us.

I miss the friendly days of old where everyone in the street knew each other and everyone got along, mostly. 
I don't expect to become besties but I do think this has opened up a little path of friendliness in an age where communities are more disconnected than harmonious.

Regardless of what happens, I love to give and as yummy as these would have been to keep to myself, it felt so much more fulfilling to see the beaming faces of master 5 and miss 3 as they told me which of the cookies were their favourites.

Faves were the kites & clouds by the way. But only after they were finished playing with their planes.
Success  :)  

Recipe Index:
Kittencal's Buttery Cut-Out Sugar Cookies W/ Icing That Hardens - This dough was my favourite to work with. Just don't over bake the cookies like I did and go wasting a whole batch.
The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies - By comparison this dough produced the fluffiest and sweetest result (perfect for my little clouds) but was a nightmare to work with. Super gooey, so have extra flour handy for dusting and manageability.
Shortbread Buttons - Looks like a great recipe but I used it more for inspiration rather than follow it to the letter.
Cookie Clouds - Couldn't actually download the PDF (and the blog owner never responded to my e-mail so couldn't get my hands on it) but the blog is still great for inspiration.

They Say Time Heals All Wounds...

Edited using Jean via Pixlr-o-matic.

You may think me a bit of a nut bag after admitting this, but today I'm heading off to see a medical intuitive. (I'm aware of how fruity this sounds - please don't judge me)
In my long list of arsenal this is my last ditch attempt to conceive before the year is out.
Or, at the very least, figure out what might be wrong with me.
Who knows, maybe she'll be able to figure it out, I know none of the specialists seem to be able to.

It's worth a shot… surely it's better than doing nothing… or maybe it'll be a waste of money. We'll see.

I've never really spoken of this and even now am a bit reluctant to but many years ago I began seeing Carmel due to some severe anxiety I was experiencing (no thanks to a horror boss) along with my ailing ovaries.
Lo and behold within the year not only did we alleviate my stress but I managed to fall pregnant!

Up till then we'd spent 6yrs throwing caution to the wind.
Since I'd been told I was infertile and would never be able to conceive without medical assistance I was careless and naive. I'd only had two cycles a year since I was 16 so I had no reason to think it odd when I'd missed two periods in a row.

No one was more shocked than I was when the doctor gave me the news. Besides maybe hubby (then beau).
I would sooner have believed I was dying of a rare stomach disease then think I may have been pregnant!
I ordered blood test after blood test, never once daring to believe the obvious to be true.
Not until that little heart beat bleeped up on the monitor at my 8 week ultrasound did I allow myself to feel connected. To believe in the miracle I was carrying inside of me.

Unfortunately as quickly as we confirmed it, it was gone.
The dream had turned into a nightmare.

Hopes were dashed, dreams were mourned.
All was lost and I allowed myself to be swept away.

I stopped all sessions with Carmel.
Refused therapy and counselling.
Turned my back on natropathy and basically carried on the best way I knew how. By blocking it out.

Women go through this all the time - I reasoned - They just pick themselves up and move on.

It wasn't the right time - I thought - It wasn't meant to be.

I told myself that in a few years time, when we were finically stable and in a better position, ie; living together etc, we would see how things went.
I just couldn't stand to go through all that again so soon and so we took every precaution we could this time until I felt ready to consciously start trying a year later.

But of coarse, wouldn't you know it, like some sick joke of fate as soon as we wanted it to happen nothing did.

And so here we are almost another 6 years later and I feel like I've come full circle.
I don't know why but the time feels right to see her again.
Maybe I'm just a fruit loop. Reading through her website I know how wacky it all sounds.

Who can say what it was that helped me then.
Who can say if it will ever happen again or, if it does, whether it will even be a successful pregnancy.

I don't know and I refuse to guilt myself about it any more.
All I know is I have to keep trying. I feel compelled to explore every avenue of hope.
I just can't bring myself to give up or let go, no matter how hard I try to put these things out of my mind.

There's only so much left in my bag of tricks and so all that's left to do now is pray for a Christmas miracle.

I know it's a long shot but wish me luck.
You never know, stranger things have happened after all.


Kneeling at History's Door Tonight

Two hearts burning
On a hillside turning
Round the blazing sun
Fever burning
In her head that's turning
Round the things she's done
“Free your heart
That is the hardest part”,
He says, “Your heart won't lie.”

Don't look back
There is no use in wondering
Just how or why
If you leave now
You might just make it home
Before the morning light
Tired and poor
You kneel at history's door

Find your hope forget your home
Heed that feeling in your bones
For your heart knows you'll never win
Until you're free from him
Husky - History's Door

Monday, 28 November 2011

Much Love Monday: Double the Love

On this Monday I'm sharing my love for double exposures with your fine self as well as Anna & Friends down at Much Love.
I've been a little obsessed with them of late, (as well as Christmas and baking and babies. It's occurred to me that I have many obsessive tendencies and may even be a little OCD...)

Surely when you see these amazing images you'll understand why I'm so keen to have a go at creating some of my own:

Aren't they beautiful?
You can see some more of my favourites here.

And incase you should you need any further convincing check out these lovlies on We It...
Simply stunning.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Something To Remember

On days I feel otherwise it's nice to be reminded of this.

Linking up my happy thoughts with Thea's Sunday Session :)

p.s. this song comes with a strong language warning.
You should probably wait 'till the kiddies are out of earshot...

Friday, 25 November 2011

Lean, Keen, Christmas Machine

The only thing stopping me from putting my tree up this weekend and not after the 1st of Dec like any sane person, is my inability to get my hands on a real pine tree.

How long do they last anyway?
Will it be all brown and wilty if I buy one so soon?

Clearly I'm super excited about Christmas.
If this doesn't prove it go ahead and check out my Pintrest board of Christmas inspiration;
It's been growing steadily since September.

Yes, I'm nesting, and it's becoming a problem...

Driving Miss Polly

Hooray - I'm finally joining in on Dani's Polly Dolly challenge.
So excited to be joining in on my first one aaand to be bringing my alter ego heiress back to life:

This week sees Miss Lyvore escaping the hustle and bustle of her city life by going on a drive through the rolling expanse of the country side in her newly restored vintage wheels, 
courtesy of her handsome beau… 
who knows, but there may even be a spontaneous frolic amongst the daisies if the mood is right!

Driving Miss Polly

This fun challenge is the brain child of
Danielle from Danimezza...
Click on the link to play along.

Mink Pink stripe dress, $88
Chloé leather handbag, $1,49

Juicy couture jewelry, €59
Locket necklace
Gold chain jewelry, $1,700
Gucci scarve, €240
Ria, €30
Tom ford sunglasses, €275
Michael Kors Gold, $75
Naked Eye palette de Too Faced sur Sephora.fr Parfumerie en ligne, €16
Platform sandals

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Get A Kick Out of You

I hope I don't jinx it by posting this but what the hey…
What I'm Much Loving this Monday is that I made it to 30 followers while I was away!!!

(Is it just me or does the term "followers" make this whole thing sound all cultish?)

Backtrack… How about; Made it to 30 Blog Friends today?
There that sounds better, doesn't it???

Look I know not everyone who joins a blog necessarily reads it on a regular basis but just like an old friend, you know where to find them should you catch yourself thinking of them here or there AND just like an old friend, no hard feelings are ever had by the lapse in visits, you're always glad to see them pop back in your life  :)

So to all my webby friends, those near and those afar;
A great big thank you for joining me on this early journey through my land of words and blog.
I know it doesn't always have a rhyme or any reason but I thank you for sticking by me so far and watching this little project grow.
(into what God only knows)…

Now please for the love of all that's holy please don't ever unfollow me - or I may have to create fake profiles and start following myself… 
now that would be awkward tehehe  ❤ xox

Monday, 14 November 2011

Much to Love, Monday

This Monday is full of so much love

❥Much Love for my parents who celebrated their 50 year wedding anniversary this weekend!
50 yrs on and still very much in love :) 
Mum's beautiful ruby heart from Dad 

❥Enjoying the sunshine after the rain.
Last night displayed a lightning show like no other I've ever seen.
Poor little Osky cowered in my arms throughout
(but I love his puppy cuddles so that was fine by me).
❥The smell of fresh mowed grass.
❥The 40min drive up to Ringwood
- you'd think it was miles into the country from the change in scenery.
Went a little off the beaten track today and captured these pretty sights:

Taking a different route.

Just missed the cutest little bunny hopping away from this scene.
It was too quick for my fumbling camera skills and disappeared into its burrow lickity split. Wish I'd captured it for you - it was soooo cute!

But mostly I love the open road, with a camera by my side :)

What are you loving muchly today?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Session: Jeff Buckley

I'd forgotten how exceptionally talented this beautiful young man was until he was tragically taken before his time.

Sharing this blast from the past with
Thea & all her friends over at

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Home is where the Hearth Is

Just read back my original posts on the reno situation and I must say I sound rather ungrateful.
I've since come on board with the whole thing and am now pretty excited to see the finished product.
(It's the initial process that always freaks me out) 

Part of hubby's vision was to reopen the original fire place.
Although it will only be for show and not for actual fires, I'm really looking forward to decorating it - especially for this Christmas!

Can not wait until December to start putting the decorations up and start planning many gastronomical delights around our (till now) unused glass dinner table…. now where do I find some nice chairs to suit that wont break the bank???


<images courtesy of Pinterest>

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cataclysmic Cabinet:

How to surprise your spouse:
Step 1.
Adopt a piece of furniture you don't really need.
For e.g.; A tv cabinet that's too big to fit in your lounge and that you wouldn't replace your current one for anyway:
The gift that keeps on giving...

Step 2.
Decide to make the home fit the furniture as opposed to choosing furniture to fit the house.
ie; throw everything else in the room out in order to fit said un required item in.

Step 3.
Rather than simply rearrange the room, pull up the perfectly good carpet and while you're at it change the entire colour scheme of the room.
ie: start an unnecessary spontaneous renovation.

Step 4.
Finally, just to spice things up, book a floor sander to come and polish the floor boards on the very same day as your in-laws 50 year wedding anniversary. 


Yea, I'm tickled pink, just thrilled…
can you tell?

So what began as  the offloading a contribution of an enormous old TV cabinet from a friend (thanks mate!) has now turned out to be the spark of an unnecessary home renovation.

We live in my parents rental property. It isn't ours to invest in.
I hope we get major brownie points in Santa's book this year.

Oh well, at least now I might get the dining room I've always wanted
and maybe just in time to throw a little summer soiree?
(although he insists on painting the walls in shades of grey,
the floors in dark Jarrah stain gloss and is planning to have the fireplace as a feature in black. 
- Lord give me strength!)


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