Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bored Much?

Select your fragrances, get your jars ready & melt your wax.
A little while ago I mentioned I'd be trying my hand at a bit of crafting of sorts.
My bumbled attempt at home made Scented Soy Candles.
Well I finally did it and the process was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be.

Allow the wax to cool slightly before blending through your fragrance oil.
Then carefully pour the combined product into your container or jar.
I used pegs to keep my wicks in place while the wax cooled.

Turns out the hardest part is working out the oil to wax ratio depending on how strong you like your fragrance.
Getting creative with oil blends is also a working progress as my attempt at creating a Vanilla & Cinnamon blend using a dash of essential oil somehow came out smelling like banana.

As well as underestimating how much oil I'd need to create a strong enough fragrance, I also mucked the big one up by not melting enough soy flakes to fill it with.

Still the finishing product was really pretty...

And all up it took less than an hour to create 4 luscious smelling candles.
Think I'd like to invest in some colour cubes so as to
distinguish between the different flavours  :)
After 24hrs they were ready to burn.
Tropical Malibu has been the clear winner so far but
next on the crafting list is Cherry Blossom,
Frangipani, Mandarin, &
Christmas Day.

- Eat your heart out, Better Homes & Gardens.
Surely this beats your mutated glove puppets?

p.s. Forgot to mention that all the materials cost me around $80
with the oils being the most expensive items at around $12 each.
The 2kgs of Soy Wax, 6 wicks & 6 assorted jars cost next to nothing.
(Your containers can be picked up from anywhere, you could easily use mason jars, old tins or you could even make pretty little teacup candles.) 
The best part is soy wax is completely natural and water soluble so once you've finished your candle simply wash in warm water and refill with a new fragrance.

...I'm getting way too excited about this aren't I? Showing my true colours and all that...
Crap, the jig is up!


Becky~ said...

Oh nice I didnt know this side of you yet LOL.I think for me I would really mess this stuff up.I dont have patience for something like this,but you look like you did well.Im liking the smell of Mandarin, and for sure Christmas day!

Happy tuesday Kat!lol@mutated glove puppets.

katsicles said...

hehe See, I never fail to amaze :)
Maybe I just have way too much time on my hands lol

amberlee said...

Oh how lovely! I am so into candles at the moment. Hehe the glove puppets were hilarious!!!! Lol

katsicles said...

If i start making things like that Ambz shoot me!
Then again, I can't even darn a hole in my sock let alone sew a puppet so I think your gloves are safe with me hehe ;)

georgi said...

wow Kat that's so cool ! reminds me of these kits I used to get given as a child that were beeswax sheets and you warmed them with a hairdryer then rolled them into candles around a wick. they always burned really fast though. x

Rhianne said...

they look so good, I never like the smell of candles I buy, I'd love to make my own

katsicles said...

Yummmm beeswax candles smell divine!
They do burn rather quickly though don't they?
Still I like them the best :)
My little ones burned out in less than two days but my large jar took a fair while.
They're worth a try Rhianne since they're so easy.
Just need to get myself some more wicks and be less stingy with the fragrance then i should be on the right track.


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