Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 25: What's In The Bag?

So that's my bag, care to see inside?
My Precious...

What's in the bag, in the bag, what's in my bag today:

This bag is magical as in I'm sure it's bottomless.
I've never been able to carry so much around with me before.
It even holds my cardigan!
  • 34 Boulevard Saint Germain by Diptyque - My favourite fragrance of the moment. It's so complex yet subtle, both soft and fresh, floral but woodsy, I'm hopeless at descriptions so here's a review. It's supposed to smell like their Paris Store, a combination of all the lovely fragrances you experience upon walking into their boutique. I must say I get a few complements from it, no one seems to have smelt anything like it. Love, Love, Love!
  • Kate Hill Purse - Having a little love affair with Miss Kate right now.
  • My Business Cards - For opportune moments of shameless self promotion.
  • A Hand Cream - Because sandpaper hands just aren't my thing.
  • Cuticle Oil - If you haven't already discovered CND's Solar Oil do yourself a favour and nab some up.
  • A Book - Depending on what we're reading for Book Club it varies but right now I'm reading Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho (even though I should be reading The Wolf of Wall Street.)
  • Lip Balm - All Organic Tingling Honey for everyday & Carmex for when a cold sore threatens to strike.
  • Lip Gloss - Lancome Juicy Tubes in Lychee for when you need to turn up the glitz.
  • Shopping List - Without lists I'd get nothing done. It's been proven, I have chronic fishbrain.
  • Comb - To de-clump this mess of a thing I call my hair.
  • Sunglasses - Just picked up these babies over the weekend. Post titled "The World Through the Eyes of my Orotons" coming soon.
  • Breath Mints - In this case, Tic-Tacs because aside from gremlin hands, dogs breath is another thing I loath to lay claim to.
  • The only things I couldn't include in this picture are my Blackberry (which conveniently went awol again), my Cardigan (which I was wearing) and of coarse my Camera, which I was using.

Wow is anyone else bored of me yet???
This challenge is hard to stay focused on.... thank God there's only 5 days of it left.

I will blog about better subjects soon I promise!
(At least if I ever become famous there'll be this archive of useless information to fall back on for some misguided paparazzo to utilise.)
xx Kat


georgi said...

holey moley that wallet is diiivine! hello again , and apologies for my absence .. i'm just catching up on your blog now :-) xxx g

katsicles said...

Hiya Georgi! Glad you're back - was starting to wonder where you'd got to x

amberlee said...

Cute bag. Thanks for the quote on my post. Loved it x

katsicles said...

Thanks miss, I've been told I have exceptional taste ;)

Odie Langley said...

It's great being a guy.

katsicles said...

haha I've often thought it must be nice ;)


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