Thursday, 3 May 2012

New Day

So… What do you think? Isn't she beautiful?

While I'm still editing in a couple of personal touches, all in all I must say I think my new space is absolutely, positively, unarguably incredibly amaze-balls!

I love, love, love that my cloudy little space of bliss is finally able to be shared with the world.
Sneaky me kept it under wraps all this time but I wanted it to make a bit of an impact.

A ginormous hug and thank you to the super clever and unboundedly generous Jade of Oh Antipodes for lovingly using her time and effort to create a gorgeous finished product that I would be happy with.

I would totally gush some more but it's 1.30am and my eyeballs are about to fall out of my head (excitement wouldn't let me rest until I snooped around a bit and left a bit of my own mark.)

Thank you for putting up with the many e-mails and ridiculous requests dearest. 
I am truly over the moon.


Catherine Denton said...

*looks around* This is beautiful! I'm also excited to hear more of your plans. :)
Catherine Denton

Loulou said...

Very pretty in deed!

Anonymous said...

very pretty! i like it a lot.

xo g

Katerina said...

Thanks girlies xox

Anonymous said...

beauty! <3

Anna said...

Wow! Love that fresh new look :)I've always found the skies in the background so dreamy and a little romantic. Also it reminds me that I need to stat using social media buttons. I just am too lazy to get around and make some. How did you make yours?


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