Tuesday, 15 May 2012

All About the Boy

I did say I would contribute these to my dwindling Sunday Sessions last week but turns out it was Mothers Day and if you've ever met my mother you would know that mine commands undivided attention therefor stealing the show.

Needed these songs to have a theme of their own and so here they are…
Hope you enjoy xo


The Waits said...

great sondgs! i esp. love the second one! im always looking for some good new tunes!
ps, sorry i have been missing from the blogging community. i feel like i am slipping away, because i am unhappy how my blog is setup. i should have left it the layout alone. now i dont know how to fix it, or what to do to it..boo!

Anonymous said...

looooove these! you are a continuing source of inspiration for me. xo



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