Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 30: Heart Song

Who actually has one favourite song?
The one song you love above all others...
I guess I can understand if it's like "your" song - you know the one you have between you and your partner, but we never really had one of those either.
I suppose we could count our bridal waltz as "our song" maybe... but I still wouldn't call it my favourite.
That's a big call don't you think?

If a favourite song is defined by such enjoyment that anytime it comes on I can never skip it or change stations and even after first hearing it years ago I still play it loud and sing my heart out to it (if I can without being noticed) then I would have to list Cosmic Love by Florence & the Machine as my favourite song at this stage.
Unfortunately I couldn't post the original film clip
thanks to my arch nemesis EMI.
I'll check back in a week as I'm sure they'll have blocked this one by then too.

I'm not sure how long this song will remain my ultimate fave but for now all I can say is this version in particular still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.
Hope you like it too but also I'd love to know; what's your all time favourite song?
Feel free to comment so I know you've passed by  :)

Happy Tuesday

p.s. I know it's no longer Monday but I'm linking anyway... 
'cos I'm reckless like that ;)


amberlee said...

Good old Florence has been on the favourite list for a long time, this song reminds me of Tassie with Jesse. I played it over and over in the car when we were driving around.

Fav song? It's hard. I have memories to songs, the ones i have seen live stand out the most. Too many to list but UNKLE - The piano echos is way up there. Actually all the the album is amazing and their gig was something special i will always remember. The blow your mind type of memory.

Wow what a giant music rant! Music is something that i could go on about all day. xx

katsicles said...

I know what you mean, rant queen right here :)
wow UNKLE sound wonderful, gonna look into them - I love discovering new music, even though it's usually only new to me hehe

georgi said...

love a bit of florence in the morning on the way to work - always puts me in a good mood! x


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