Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 11: More Friends

The Waxettes*
*That's a little nickname we gave ourselves.

Stems from the fact that we're all ex-employees of high end, high stress salons that shall remain nameless (for fear of legal action. The bitches would do it too - Crazy stories... delusions of grander, mass walkouts, tears & tantrums, oh the joy of the salon industry).
But thankfully (and probably thanks to all this trauma) we've all now moved on to bigger and better things, running our own lovely little beauty businesses free from all that rubbish.

Any hoo... Missing the company of these amazing girls so so much right now.
I never thought I'd consider any of my colleagues "friends" but the only wonderful thing to have come out of employment at these salons, (the last one in particular) were the bonds I made with almost every girl to have worked there.
(Minus the crazy Bold & The Beautiful extras who seriously need to get a job in drama rather than keep creating it in the workplace.)

It feels like forever since I last saw them so hopefully this month we can pull our shit together and pry ourselves away from work and our busy little lives long enough to have some desperately required catch up time.
Here's hoping.
In the meantime I'll gain solace in the fact that I'll be socialising with some other much loved friendzies this weekend. Woo Hoo!
Glad to be back on board the drinks train.
Katsicles  :)


Becky~ said...

Oh such pretty friends.Hope you guys all get together.Thats always a fun time when you have parted for a long time and then reunited after yrs.Cheers heres to a great great time?What are we drinking?lol.

Becky~ said...

I forgot to say thanks for the visit, and I didnt know you were greek.Lots of greeks in Australia I hear.

katsicles said...

Yes it is, thank goodness we never leave it too long. More like weeks than years. Although even a month away from them feels like an eternity :)

As for the celebratory drinks - Anything I can get my hands on Becky - after a long and dry July I'm not choosy hehehe!
Yes Australia, does have a big Greek community but I'm always surprised by how many migrated to the US as well.
Hope your weekend is full of lovely things too x

Odie Langley said...

You should name them the "Hot Waxettes" since that is one great looking bunch. Sometimes you just have to make the time to stay close to those who mean a lot to you. My younger sister and I have breakfast together every tuesday morning and I love that time we share. Have a wonderful rest of the week and stop in any time at The Simple Life


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