Friday, 7 October 2011

Viva La Vivitar!

Look what I got in the mail today!

Sorry but I couldn't wait till the 15th of October on the fat chance I might actually win something for a change before I invested in a film camera.
Besides that would be after my holiday and using a camera like this in sunny Queensland seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

I'm not expecting too much from myself since even my digital takes are often flukes helped along with heavy editing but hopefully I don't suck too badly at my first attempts.

Wish me and my little White Angel luck on our courtship jubilee  ^_^  yipee!

(thanks for filling me in Ambs on this beauty, I haven't forgotten about you...)



amberlee said...

Oh hello sweet little angel! I am sure you will have heaps of fun with her! I have seen wonderful results from these little babies, apparently they are pretty easy to use... Just choose your film wisely. I am excited to see your pics! Ahhh dreaming of sunny beaches, hope you have an amazing time xx

amberlee said...

p.s i think you should name her.. or is it a him?

katsicles said...

mmm I was thinking the same thing re: film, from what i've come across the one most used is Kodak or Fujifilm 200 - think I'll stick to that for starters.
I'm really nervous but the Didgy will be coming along as backup :)
As for names… Would Angelique or Vivian be too obvious?
Might have to run a pole - any suggestions?

megsaf said...

hello Kat, i'm happy for your new superheadz :)
i'm so sure you will have much much fun with that :D
i think angelique will suit it's little white angel colour .
greetings for angelique / vivian from my old vivitar uws :D

Lyn said...

Gee Kat, I hope you weren't coming to Queensland this weekend? We have a massive storm with heavy rain today and it's forecast to rain most of the weekend. What a disappointment that would be

katsicles said...

Oh no! I'm leaving this Sunday and staying in Cairns until next Fri. Just my luck.
I hope it clears by then :(


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