Thursday, 10 May 2012


Good morning Sunshine

In honour of my new iPhone,
(which is doing a great job of enticing me away from my poor little laptop),
I am sharing with you some iThoughts.

i Love… my iPhone, obviously… 

i Admire… people who can meditate anytime and anywhere.
Try as I might I can't stop myself from being distracted.

i Dislike… that I can't retract certain photos/comments (read: spelling mistakes and multiple posts) from Instagram. Either it can't be done or, more than likely, I don't know how. Yes, I am a control freak.

i Am grateful… for so many things this week. It's a love fest of positivity round here - but if I had to pick one thing this week I would say, I am grateful that my travel agent could arrange for an usher to escort me to my next flight at KL. (Told you I was a scaredy-Kat)

i Am craving… dried cranberries. OMG have you tried these?! Sweet and sour heaven, they're a taste-bud's delight!

i Am reading… blog archives. Going through people's very first posts and I must say it's rather interesting to see how you all started out ;)

i Am listening to… some new music which I will share during this weeks Sunday Session. 
I've neglected this ritual since Thea gave up her blog recently but I've missed it terribly and so will be reinstating it regardless of whether I can link it to anything or not.

i Want to achieve…  inner peace. Which I hope to get a glimpse of during tonight's guided meditation.

i Want to change… nothing. Simply happy to be grateful for what is.

i Want for tomorrow… to be a smooth running day.
Today saw people turning up to their appointments at the wrong times and some even on the wrong day (I had 3 girls come at the exact same time and two who weren't booked in for another week!)

i Am happy… that I booked my tickets this week and that my plans are finally official.
Just 4 weeks to go! OMG!!! <insert hyperventilation here>


flutterhappy said...

I love the sun flare on the photo. I wish I also have an Iphone. ;( So jealous of everybody! Hehe... ;D Hello Katerina! *wave*

The Waits said...

love the photo! i bet having an iphine is fun!
I am so glad to hear how happy you are!! Sounds like you are feeling wonderful, friend!

Katerina said...

That photo is testament of my phones awesomeness.

As for my new positive outlook, well it's all a matter of perspective I suppose.
Although, it does help to have something to look forward to ;)

amberlee said...

welcome to the world of Ig obsession. However i figure being creative can only be positive.... true?
Tip - to delete comments on ig
1/ when in the comment field hit the spiky wheel thing on the top right - tadaaaaa the red circle appears - hit it and then delete appears!
It is rather a long process but it can be done xxx

Anna said...

i am reading blog archives.. whooops. There must be some really strange posts when I really started of my blog. :) But it IS interesting!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos... I too love blog archives - it's like seeing a journey unfold and it's super-lovely

I've nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award on my blog at

because I love reading your blog so much!


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