Thursday, 15 March 2012

I've Gotchya Captcha

Source: via Robin on Pinterest 

Mostly it doesn't really faze me when a few "anonymous" comments pop up in my blog stream now and then.
Mostly I can deal with the mild annoyance of getting all excited and then inevitably disappointed over a false message by simply deleting it out of my history and out of my life.
But mostly I just hate using captchas so much myself that I wouldn't want to impose this irritating add on upon you lovely people.

I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the trouble of leaving a note on a blog, deliberating over the wording or the right thing to say, only to notice the captcha at the bottom of the screen seconds after closing the tab leading my comment to nought.

Plus have you noticed how hard those things are to read sometimes?
I'm no robot but seriously, some are like deciphering hieroglyphics!

Well that was my stance, at least until this week when I received no less than 10 anonymous comments in a matter of 4 days.


So now that I've had my fill of spam from sites such as Bread Machine stating that they love my surveys and would I like more traffic to my blog I'm wondering dear readers, what is your opinion of captchas?

Do they help?
Are they a hindrance?
If I added one to my page would it deter you from commenting? 
(this last one is most important as I sooo love getting your comments - little attention hog that I am.)

I don't like the idea of making it that little bit harder to have your say here but the irritation of irrelevant spam is frustrating me to no end.
I'm not sure how much longer I can stand it…
To add, or not to add:
that is the question… 


georgi said...

tricky ... if I were you, I wouldn't, but I'd remove the option to comment anonymously, maybe that would help?

I get a LOT of spam comments too, but wordpress has a good spam filter that filters them out for me :-)

Katerina said...

removing anon comments is a great idea.
I hate to take away someones right to remain anonymous but I think I might try that for a while and see how it goes.
Thanks Georgi xx

Loulou said...

Oh this is such a tough one, but they are quite annoying. Some are better than others. I've noticed some new ones lately that I can barely read and find myself having to enter another one because I got it wrong the first time. Like Georgi, I use Wordpress and they are pretty good at filtering the spam for it's users, but some still get through. Like today, I've had 3 spams.

That having been said I would still leave comments on the blogs of people who comment on my posts, regardless of the gatcha.


Katerina said...

Thanks for the feedback girlies,
For now I'm trying Georgi's tip so have removed the ability to leave anonymous comments.
It's been 4 days now and still no spam - Hooray!


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