Monday, 19 March 2012

Much Love Monday

Monday-itis is a serious condition my friends, which is why I like to combat it with a little injection of positivity every week.

Today some things I'm much loving are:
Gorgeous sunny weather.
    While Summer has been officially over for some time now Melbourne
     is blessing us with an unusually long display of warm weather.
     A last hurrah perhaps? I hope it stays long enough for Easter.
Spontaneous, impromptu visits from my parents.
    While often their inability to call before popping in can be a bit
    annoying (only because I'm usually working), this Monday I'm client
    free so their visit was perfect. Plus they came with offerings of roasted
    veggies and fresh figs. Mmm… I have the perfect way to enjoy these
    which I'll be sharing here soon.
Having a free day.
   A lack of bookings isn't usually a such a good thing when you're self-
   employed but when it happens to be on a Monday or when I'm still
   feeling a little weary from the weekend it certainly is.
   Gotta look for the silver lining :o)
   Taking the opportunity to get on top of some house work before
   retreating under the shade of a tree with a good book.

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nancy said...

I'm glad the weather's lovely in Melbourne as well! here in Adelaide we're enjoying a sunny 31 degree Monday :) YAY!

Catherine Denton said...

These are beautiful LOVES. Hope you relax a little on your day off! We're getting wonderful sunshine here too.
Catherine Denton

Kata Phusin said...

retreating under a tree with a good book... - what a wonderful goal! I hope that you find the time to do so, and wishing you a *much love* week :)

Becky said...

We here in the states are heading for spring.Its been springlike for 2 weeks LOVING it.

Oh my I wish I were there when your parents brought the figs lol.I love them and dates.

Happy Monday Koukla!

Aspen said...

I love your loves too :)
although, I don't get impromptu visits anymore, as I have moved home for the time being. but aren't sunny days and free days the best?
have a wonderful week!


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