Monday, 5 March 2012

On a Day Like Today

All You Need Is Love ❤
There is so much to love about this particular Much Love Monday that I'm bursting at the seams to share it all at once.

I'm loving…
❥ Making the house more homely.
They say a change is as good as holiday… and they're totally right!
❥ Dinners in our newly renovated dining room.

Don't get too used to it though as it's about to change again.

❥Thanks to some very generous friends we've adopted a few beautiful pieces of furniture including a display cabinet and the dinning suit pictured above.
We're overwhelmed with gratitude.
This weekend was the first time we'd sat down to a dinner table since moving in 5 years ago.

 Restructuring the bedroom.
I really wish I had taken a photo of how bad it was before then you'd know what a HUGE transformation this room has had.
Unfortunately old homes don't come with walk in robes, but ours didn't have any wardrobes at all.
This means a bit of eclectic clutter ensued but with some tweaking here and there we've managed to make this my favourite room in the house.
Our bedroom finally feels like a cosy little oasis.

❥ Gifts of love out on display.

❥ Our little munchkin on the end of our bed.

❥ And last but certainly not least… what I'm loving most about today is that on this day a year ago I was marrying the love of my life.
We may not be making a whole lotta hooha about it
(after 11 years together 1 seems like a drop in the ocean)
but we know we have what really matters.


On a day like today, love is all you really need ❤


Loulou said...

Happy anniversary to you! I love that picture of you two on the beach.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

Aspen said...

this is a really beautiful post :) and your pictures are great!
happy anniversary! have a beautiful day/week!
- aspen


Kata Phusin said...

What a lovely tour, thank you for sharing. It is always so beautiful when things begin to come together... Wishing you a wonderful anniversary and Much L♥ve week!

georgi said...

happy anniversary - this was such a lovely post to read. I love the little bird. xo

guiltlessreader said...

the clincher at the end - happy anniversary! i am loving every single one of those photos! you have such a lovely and comfy home. much love to you and the hubby :)

Katerina said...

Big love and thanks to all for wishing us a happy day.
It was truly lovely, taking joy in the simple pleasures that matter most.
Wishing you all a love filled week ahead xox

Ruzu said...

Lovely photos and dog. If you have a cell phone with camera you can enter u just said iPhone because many girls participate on instagram but is not necessary jeje you need a nice camera on your phone that's it

Sarah Morgan said...

Your home is beautiful! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful anniversary.



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