Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Baby Bump
Taken at 5 months.
I'm now up to 25 weeks and counting.
I can't believe so much time has lapsed since I last logged in!
I swear it feels like a moment ago I was being told I was only 6 weeks pregnant and yet here I am,
6 months and one week today - It's astounding how fast the time has passed.

While I haven't purposely shied away from blogging, if I'm honest, a part of me has hit a patch of the blahs when it comes to all things bloggy/techy. I'm completely one dimensional and can't help being focused solely on this pregnancy.

I've unwittingly turned away from my old distractions and become completely self obsessed instead.
Oh dear!

It started out in the strangest way though - looking through a camera lens or even so much as thinking about editing a photo literally made me sick.
Seriously it's on my list of morning sickness triggers (which has been ongoing I might add. Lucky me).
It seems creating a life has taken all the energy I might otherwise have had for my usual creative pursuits.
Then my fear of jinxing things stopped me from sharing the early stages of my journey (trust me it was in your best interests that I didn't. One word; Neeeurooootic!)

And now, knowing how love sick I am with this baby and my pregnancy, I fear I'll only saturate my blog space or bore you all with so much talk of baby, baby, baby, me, me, me… me, me, me, me, me.
Although, lets be honest, blogs are always very me me me so what's the dif I guess…

Still, while I will try my hardest to add some variation to my posts, I'll apologise now if it sometimes gets completely goo-goo, ga-ga around here.
I do want to acknowledge that there's more than one dimension to my life but I also have this overwhelming desire to not squander what fleeting time I have left to immerse myself in what is essentially a temporary stage of life.

I've waited for what feels like an eternity to be where I am right now and feel the most immense gratitude for being able to experience something I feared would never come.
It's hard to turn my back on that and even acknowledge there might be more to life lol.

Anyway enough of my validation speech…
I only hope you can continue to share in my journey, my joy and my friendship over the coming months.

Love always,
Kat x


aloi s said...

how exciting! i am glad you are keeping well! :)

Kirsty Helen said...

I can't flippin' believe I forgot to congratulate you on this awesomeness. Such beautiful news. Blog what you want and don't apologise for it; this is your space and we are here to support you in that. I wish you wonderful and happy thoughts and look forward to reading your journey. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

^ i echo the sentiment. happy to hear that things with you are going well, you've been in my thoughts. so many blessings to you x x

Anna said...

oh what joy! :) I think it's wonderful how you are sharing this experience with us. I thing pregnancy is one of the most mysterious/wonderful/amazing things in the world (it really IS when you think of it). Every experience of it should be shared, if one wishes to! I'm sending you all my best thoughts.

The Waits said...

lets talk more about you, and baby!! i want to see more pics!!
this is your blog/journal, and if people dont want to view it, then they can go else where.
im totally into the pics, and seeing how you are doing!

The Waits said...

ps, your belly is so cute!!


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