Saturday, 8 October 2011


The lovely Georgi from a pastiche has been organised enough to arrange a Photober theme this month (basically a photo for every day of October).
I've noticed a few people participating in Frocktober which I couldn't have possibly done without shaming myself and my dress sense so Photober it is. (I don't think I even own enough dresses to get me through a whole month anyway.)

Mind you I've already managed to miss a few days (and we're only 8 days in!) plus I'll be due to miss a few more while I'm away…. though I considered taking my laptop along, I think the husband would divorce me if I did. Besides not even my phone is coming along - I plan on enjoying complete disconnection from the world, 5 days of total peace and serenity…. Aaaaaah or should I say; Oooommmm :)

Anyway my point is I'm apologising in advance for being a bit of a lousy participant/blogger but I'm sure when I get back I'll have plenty of shots to share with you all.

So far the pics above have been my only entrants…

But hop on over to Georgi's page to see all the other wonderful images people are sharing.
Maybe I'll even see you there? It's never too late to join xx


amberlee said...

Wow, not taking a phone!!! Enjoy the serenity lovely xx

georgi said...

enjoy your switched off time - and thank you so much for writing this post and for your contributions so far - its so lovely seeing the world through everyone else's eyes. xx

Odie Langley said...

I like the intense colors of the first one.


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