Monday, 23 April 2012

Random Refrain

<this song comes with a language warning>
Don't ask why because I couldn't tell you, but I've had this song stuck in my head for two whole days now… why is it always the most random tunes that this happens with?
For some unknown reason the more you try to get it out the deeper it lodges itself in there,
don't you think?

Oh well, could be worse. At least it's not a song I hate or a stupid jingle - hate when that happens.
"Da, da, dat, dat, daaa - I'm lovin' it!"

What's the worst tune you've ever had stuck in your head?


Anonymous said...

i quite often get the cat empire "the chariot" in my head, and also anything by talking heads! hello again after a bit of a hiatus, going to catch up with your posts now. i like this song too, btw :-)

x georgi

Katerina said...

Hey! Welcome back xo

Yea, it's just annoying that by the time it's done your head in you're completely over the song no matter how good you once thought it was…

See ya round ;)


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