Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Much Loved Birthdays

Happy birthday to me…
I must attempt to make
this cake one day
Sorry that my contribution is a little belated but at least it's a doozy.
For on this Much Love Monday it was my birthday!
found via pinterest
(Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep on Sunday night - Oh the anticipation hehe)

The night before was full of thoughts of getting older (so very nearly 30 now), my accomplishments and the ones I never quite managed, future goals as well as the sombre thought that I would be spending my big day alone (being a Monday almost everyone else would be working or busy).
I needn't have worried since my beautiful husband is full of surprises and had his own agenda planned.

After wishing me a happy birthday and planting a kiss on my head he trundled off to work leaving me to ponder the day ahead.
Seeing no use in feeling lonely I thought I would treat myself to the best day I could.
Would I take a drive?
Take myself shopping?
Spend the day happy snapping? Do a bit of reading?… for now I settled on some napping.

Imagine my surprise when I after dozing I opened my eyes to this by my bedside:
I thought I was dreaming until he walked in and asked if I was going to eat it or sit there taking photos of it and staring at it all day. Cheeky.

If you're quick, he added, we can even get down to the beach.
I could have cried.
Best morning surprise ever!

But it didn't stop there.
While I was busy splashing in the waves, he was arranging a lovely get together of my nearest and dearest afterward at our place.
Snacks, Beers, lamb chops, King Island eye fillet steaks, sausages, salads topped off with my Mums renowned tzitziki and fried zucchini. Yummmm….

It was a feast of feasts capped by great company and the element of surprise. The best nights always seem to be unplanned.

So this has been my most loved Monday and a much better birthday than I had imagined by far.

I know I often say this but I really am a very lucky lady :)


Catherine Denton said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a magical one it turned out to be. Your husband sounds sweetly thoughtful.

And since you already have cake, here's something to go with it. *holds out strawberry sundae with dark chocolate drizzle*
Catherine Denton

amberlee said...

mmmm fried zucchini and tzitziki. It was a lovely, lovely evening x

Katerina said...

It was indeed. Yum that's what was missing - strawberry sundaes! (along with birthday cake- oops)

e'clair said...

Happy birthday, and many happy returns. What a much love celebration you enjoyed :) Wishing you a lovely week, too.


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