Sunday, 15 January 2012

You know what they say…

About how absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Well it's true.

On the other hand it makes for so much catching up it's almost too overwhelming to be attempted (or maybe I'm just easily overwhelmed...)

I've missed blog land so much this week but real life has been keeping me pretty sharp on my toes.
No time for cooking or cleaning, eating or breathing let alone blogging and happy snap sharing.

I can't tell you how much I hate doing the laundry and after our little escape to Lakes Entrance last week (which was picturesque and will be shared as soon as I can manage it) we have dirty clothes, dried up salt, sea and sand up the wazoo!
And since I've been working 12hr days from the minute we got back the house is in such a state I can barely stand to look at it… or stand up for that matter.
Ever wanted to burn your house down and start again?
Well that's just about where I'm at.

FYI - Remind me next Christmas to never get a real tree again.
I don't care how nice they look and smell I'd rather spray my perfect spider free low maintenance plastic one with Pine-o-clean for affect than deal with the hassle of the real thing.
You wouldn't believe the mess this one left in its wake - I fear I'll be finding pine needles for the rest of my life!
Besides that I had spiders crawling out of the wood works (white-tails I might add!) and, as the cherry on the cake, a pigeon decided to fly down our chimney and roost in the damn thing.
It was flapping around in there for a week before we could get rid of it. Pigeon poop and pine needles are the result of that wonderful idea - Yay!

p.s. I would have added a lovely picture to this post but I can't find Didge - I think I may have left her up at Lakes :(
Secondly there are no less than 7 rolls of film waiting to be developed but even if I could afford to get them processed right now my laptops disc reader has decided to pack itself in.
(So much for Macs being highly reliable, at little over a year old, this one's practically obsolete apparently.)
So this means more fun and games converting the photos from analogue to disc and then onto a USB - It's all a bit too much for this pre-menstrual lady to tackle right now.
I think I need a big drink and little lie down.
And,Yes, I think I will have some cheese with my whine thanks.

Wake me when it's 2013.


Becky~ said...

OMG your tooo funny.Pidgeon poop and real trees arent good LOL.Thanks for the early morning laugh.

Have a great new week ahead.HUGS!

Sarah Morgan said...

You poor thing! I hope you have a chance to relax :)

amberlee said...

Lost didgie!!!!!! Oh no! Mega crisis my love. mmmmm wine xxx

katsicles said...

Don't worry crisis averted! Woke up to a brainstorm overnight and suddenly remembered where it was - Phew!!!
Wine with my whine is always a good combination =
Relaxation +


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