Friday, 6 January 2012

Waiting For You

Apologies for the saturation of Trentemoller lately but you can blame my dear brother in-law who pointed me in this direction and has seen me lost in the magnificence ever since.

Songs like this one have me scouring his collection for more and more.

Sharing my Sunday Sessions here.


Tori @ Have Blog Will Ponder said...

I hadn't heard of Trentemoller before. I rather like this song.

Thanks for sharing.

Jayne said...

I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing someone new with me!

Thea said...

Another great song! Thanks for linking. :)

amberlee said...

I am deeply in awe of this man. He is AMAZING. I am committing myself back to blog world as of today. I miss c&p all the lovely peeps that go with it. xxx


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