Thursday, 5 January 2012


I generally don't do resolutions (read: Never stick to them) but today, while reading over a few other blogs and stumbling by some new ones I got to realising that I may have accidentally let a couple creep out from the recesses of my mind without even meaning to. Sneaky sneaky…

So anyway here they are (belated, like everything else so far this year).

  1. Stress less, live more.
  2. Find balance. No more doing things to excess.
  3. Get healthy - No more procrastination, it's time to move this body!
  4. Take a photography class. Even if it's just a one dayer. I happened to see some cool classes on offer over at RedBalloon that spiked my interest… 
  5. Travel to Malaysia to see my sister and her cuties in Penang.
  6. Blog with abandon (stole this one from Sarah over at Hemenway Street.
Although that last one was inspired after New Years and not by thought of my own little noggin, it's a good one to follow through on.

Lately I've realised my blog has become more of a mass of meme's rather than what it was intended to be.
My rambles have slowly disappeared and almost every day is linked to another's blog.
While I'm not likely to turn my back on link love (it's too much fun and I enjoy it way too much to boot), I do think a return to good old fashioned rambling writing may be called for.

I love linking, it brought me to all you wonderful bloggers out there…  Still there was a time, back before anyone at all (seriously I mean no one at all) read my posts, back before I even knew how to edit a photo let alone upload one. Back then the sole purpose of my blogging was to pour my heart out and share my thoughts.
Still, I was fragile and unsure of what direction to take this blog in.
I wanted to use this place as a spring board of stories and wisdom to share but I also wanted desperately to be heard.
What's the point of a blog after all if nobody reads it?

The day I figured out how to link up with other bloggers was a turning point for me.
Finally I could join in on something and share myself with others while enjoying a flood of visitors and comments for the very first time. (Comments were also a privilege I rarely got to enjoy. Oh poor me, Boo Hoo, Ho-Hum.)

It became addictive. A little too addictive… So addictive in fact I turned my back on more meaningful writing and focused instead on doing my darndest to keep people visiting my blog week after week.

Now I know doing this has been an integral part of blog building, I also know I've taken it a bit too far and this year I plan to cut it out.
Or at least inject a bit more of myself and my reflections into my place in cyber-space.

Lets see how this little experiment goes. What's the worst that could happen?
Besides all of you getting bored of me and clicking the little unfollow button and breaking my poor little heart… yea, that would be pretty bad. Promise me that won't happen and I'll promise to try to not be so boring this year. Deal! xox


Becky~ said...

lol, your so funny.I never did Resolutions and never will.I think of it this way,Why not just improve daily.See what goes on from day to day and then change it.Simple right???I think so.

Have a lovely rest of your week kat mou.

Sydney L. said...

you are very welcomed to malaysia :))))))))

good luck with these resolutions! x

Sarah Morgan said...

These are wonderful resolutions! It's funny how your blog can end up somewhere you never really intended it to be.

I'm glad you like my resolution! And as for the photography course, Halina over at Moments of a Libra [ ] is hosting an online photography course that I'm participating. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out!


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