Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Like a trapped bird my heart flutters
with the delicate wings of dreams,
The morning sun taps my eyelids
and a glow seeps in through the seams.

Your face is already fading
and my mind is clouded with doubt
As to what is real or fiction
and which world I'd rather keep out.
- Katerina 27/7/11


amberlee said...


georgi hampton said...

i love the last stanza - i love it so much. It really captures that half awake dazed feeling so well. x

katsicles said...

Really? Thanx girls xx
My first attempt at writing poetry since my school days... gotta say I felt a bit rusty and nervous as hell!

amberlee said...

Yep! I adore it. You surely are takanted with the word lovely xx

Odie Langley said...

That was very, very good and i would like to see more please.

Daydreamertoo said...

That feeling of waking yet, wishing to remain in the dream is expressed so well here.
A lovely write.

Kim Nelson said...

this is lovely.
the words add dimension to the image.

Shail said...

Lovely, I loved the second part of it too :)

la fille said...

Great little poem, love your use of rhyme, didn't feel too forced! the imagery in the first stanza is so lovely. Very nice work.


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