Sunday, 1 April 2012


There just aren't enough harps being played in music these days…

Wow - What a day!
It took me a solid hour to make what should've been a 15min trip into the city for the Melbourne Hair & Beauty Expo.
Stupid Nav Man kept taking me along the longest route and losing satellite reception that, compounded with my airy fairy headspace, had me making wrong turns and missing turn offs left, right and centre.

Thought I'd be clever and chose the cheapest car park miles away from the Exhibition Centre resulting in a walk across the bridge, two blocks away and up a flight of stairs. More to see and snap along the way, I figured. Except I was running late - no time for ambling…

Spent 4 hours bouncing excitedly from stall to stall, blinded by all the pretty shinny things on offer.
(Did not foresee that I would spend a lazy 500 smackaroonies on beauty buys as well as a 12kg box of wax. Suddenly it dawned on me how incredibly far my car was parked.)

Lugged my loot most of the way before my arms and back gave out at the car park. I had no choice but to tuck my stash in a discreet hiding place for later retrieval…
And not a single good samaritan in sight! (hubby reckons taking off my wedding rings might've got me a helping hand. How rude!)

I wish I'd had the foresight to be there a little earlier and take some shots of the docks and the beautiful Polly Woodside residing there.
Never mind, chalking it up to experience - it was my first time after all and I did manage to score a major haul so all was not lost.
This album helped keep me calm along the way.
Well, there's always next time… and next time you can bet I'll be prepared.
Complete with trolly and credit card in tow ;o)

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amberlee said...

hehehehe poor darling!!!

Hope you got some amazing goodies!


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