Friday, 20 April 2012

Oh! How very Pinteresting…


Gotta admit I've been guilty of being a little more than obsessed with Pinterest in the past. I mean, who hasn't?
(No, really if you haven't then you must be living under a rock - or lying.)

Anyway I knew I had a problem when what seemed to be a couple of minutes of randomly browsing turned into a 4am Pinfest of mammoth proportions (400 pins in one night, anyone?) So for the good of humanity and my sanity I had to step away once and for all.

No I did not delete my account - are you crazy?!
But I did take it off my bookmarks and out of my history thus making it harder to access ;o)

Since then I've gotten rather over it… the constant notifications that so & so has repined my image of blah blah 365 times throughout the day will do that to you.
That and the fact that most of the time the images aren't linked to the source (oh, how I detest dead ends!) had me up in arms and ready to disown the lot… if it weren't for my recipe board. 
That board at least serves some other purpose besides helping me look busy when I'm really not and as if I'm much more artsy fartsy / cleaver / creative / whatever, than I actually am.

I love being able to store countless amounts of useless crap on a system that doesn't clog my own hard-drive.
That's all kinds of Awesome!

Anyway a few weeks passed by without me contributing to or even acknowledging the site ever existed until I got one notification that caught my eye. Apparently Kim Kardashian and Neil Patrick Harris have started following me… Yea, right, as if! Hahaha!

Still, it did spark my curiosity and so I checked in for the first time in what's felt like forever.
Imagine my surprise when I suddenly became aware that I now have 89 followers following my boards!
What the what?
I don't even care that they're probably a bunch of pimply teenagers pretending to be celebrities - we've moved beyond that now people… 
I swear that when I turned my back I had all of 23 followers on there and all of those were a combination of friends or pity pins.
i.e.; I followed them first.

This leads to the question - Is Pinterest the new Blogger? And did I miss the whole "I'll follow you if you follow me" memo?
Is that what's happening here?

I'm not entirely sure, so instead I'm assuming I must be doing something right. (looks like late night pinning payed off afterall…)
So in the interest of staying Pinteresting here are a few of my top pinned pins :)

Source: via Katerina on Pinterest
Source: via Katerina on Pinterest

Source: via Katerina on Pinterest 

To see more Pintasticness visit me hereGo on, all the cool kids are doing it ;o)


Anonymous said...

im the same as you .. i used pinterest a lot when i first got it but then I kinda forgot about it for a while - and I only keep it for my recipe board too :-) haha. great minds! x georgi

Katerina said...

hehe they certainly think alike ;)


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