Monday, 3 October 2011

Deductions Under Disco Lights

The theme of the night
had been dedicated to Miss Jessica's birthday!

I come to you today as a bear with a sore head.

This weekend was a bit of a mixed bag, what with an AFL grand final BBQ (good ol' Geelong showed 'em how it's done) and my lovely friends exquisite dinner at Maha's followed by VIP access to her Bling party I could barely keep up.

It was a fair effort though mind you after such a busy week of work I was exhausted come Saturday although I managed to soldier on till 5am (thanks to daylight savings), it also drove home some harsh truths on how much I can stand these days...

My weekend deductions:
✴Restraint must be exercised when ordering from the bar at exclusive restaurants. (The 2 and a half thousand dollar tab at the end of the night was a bit of a surprise to us all.)
✴When you've spent said amount on food and drinks it's probably time to call it a night before wiping out the rest of your bank account.
✴Secondly if after consuming this amount of food and alcohol you aren't completely inebriated you should probably give up and go home.
✴NightClubs are fuelled by drugs these days not alcohol - do not step foot in one unless heavily under an illicit influence.
(I tried to drink myself stupid in there but all I got was this lousy hangover.)
✴When embarking on a night out don't forget your digital camera.
(I wish I could have recorded the short and stumpy, overweight asian transvestite dressed like an orange latex go-go girl giving it her hardcore all in the caged podium for you. Or the guidos in their tight pants giving themselves frontal wedgies while convulsing on the dancefloor with techno renditions of Saturday Night Fever moves.
It was very entertaining but sadly hubby and his iphone didn't come along for this portion of the festivities.)
✴I think my clubbing days are over. The old me is dead.

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