Monday, 17 October 2011


Once we got to Cairns Airport there was a bit of a kerfuffle with the car hire company.
It seems that while our travel agent managed to take our money for the car she didn't actually arrange for it to be waiting for us.

Being a Sunday we couldn't even get hold of her but happily it all worked out in our favour.
Rather than getting your standard mode of hire ie: Hyundai Getz - we got upgraded to a brand new Holden Cruz in shiny blue (my favourite colour) with all it's mod cons plus bells & whistles.
It even had a sunroof!

Cue cruses down the highway with my hair whipping in the wind...

So after a quick swim and some breakfast along the esplanade (the public pool in Cairns is soo cool… it has white sand and overlooks the beach. Best of all it's free!) we zipped off to check in and check out our resort.

 The view from our deck where you can dive straight into the pool.
I settled for dipping myself in slowly for some floating around
before heading off for some cocktails and a nibble.

Who would've thought lazing beachside and by the pool
would turn out to be such thirsty work...



amberlee said...

Looks amazing, love the pool off the balcony. Bliss.

Lyn said...

Cairns is great. I love it up there although it is much too hot and humid in the summer time to live there.

Odie Langley said...

I am sooooooooooooo jealous Kat and by the way, "GREAT LEGS".

katsicles said...

I thought the same thing Lyn.
Great holiday spot but as far as working in that weather goes I don't think I could manage it.

Yes the pool and my legs got quite a work out from me :)


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