Friday, 21 October 2011

Clownish Casualties

Our private pool lit up at night
so with the water still warm from the afternoon sun
along with the balmy conditions at a lovely constant of 30℃,
even at 10pm, every evening was perfect for a bit of night swimming.

Hubby decided to show off a few handstands for you guys while I snapped away.
In his own words: "I'll give you something to blog about"
Too bad he accidentally face planted the pool instead.

Give me something to blog about will you?
Well you sure did baby,
you sure did.


amberlee said...

hehehehe. Oh dear, poor Ron!

georgi said...

oh owwwww that looks sore! and the first past of your post made me so envious - it looks beautiful! i could go for a bit of night swimming actually :-) x

katsicles said...

Don't worry guys, he wasn't too concerned about it as you can see by the stupid face he's pulling.
A couple more beers and he was right as rain ;)


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