Thursday, 20 October 2011


We interrupt our regular holiday blogging to announce this important announcement:
I'm late!!!

Two days late to be exact...
Yet all other signs of success point to no…. so… hmmm? Tricky.

A bit too much of the good life this month perhaps?
Seems not giving a rats about "trying" anymore doesn't exactly agree with my PCOS.

It has until Monday to come to the party before I do another test but I'm almost 99% sure it's just my ovaries playing funny buggers with me again.
After all I have none of the telltale signs I had last month and I've been very very naughty on the health front lately which I know always wreaks havoc on my cycle.

Then again I've been completely regular for the past 6 months so you just never know, but either way that's a mighty good run for me in my history of runs.

C'mon body, would you meet me half way here please?
I promise to be a good girl and start treating you like a temple again if you promise to deliver the goods soon.

Okay, it's off my chest.
Now back to our regular blogging, sorry for the interruption.

❤ K


Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I sure hope it's not your cycle being a drama queen xx

amberlee said...

Ohhhhh. Hope it is not funny buggers dearest xx


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