Saturday, 29 October 2011

Just A Minute… in October

❧ Reading… Sweet Poison, Why Sugar Makes Us Fat by David Gillespie.
"There may be a drier and more incomprehensible area of science than biochemistry, but so far I haven't come across it" His words, not mine but I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly. Most of the time I feel like I'm studying unsuccessfully to be an endocrinologist (despite it being written in layman's terms) although now and then I do have the respective Ah-Ha! moments so at least the overall message is coming through loud and clear, even to my dull little brain cells.
I'm trying really hard to absorb the technical info fully but I've always been hopelessly dense when it comes to retaining anything maths or science related.
Ambs, my hats off to you mate! Compared to me, those girls in the back row look like experts…

❧ Making… Sugar Free Meals.
It's basically like being diabetic only stricter.
Since I already have a predisposition to developing the condition thanks to my family history and my PCOS (yet another happy side effect), I figured reading the book above was timely.
You'd be amazed at how much of the sweet stuff is sneakily hiding behind fat free labels and synthetic replicas.

❧ Watching… my tan slowly fade and peel away.
Haven't had much time for TV of late but I do miss LA & NY Ink. Kat Von D is dopier than she looks which was a surprise.
It was nice having cable up in Cairns.

❧ Craving… a tattoo or a new piercing.
Maybe I just got carried away with all the "Ink shows but I definitely want to get my first one very soon.

❧ Listening to... my Beach Side Playlist and trying to extend the holiday feeling for as long as I can.

❧ Planning… Next years Halloween Party.
Sadly I missed the boat this year by being too disorganised but as soon as this years event is over I'm set to clean up at the clearance sales.
No more excuses - I will have my time in the sun or in this case moonlight.

❧ Loving… The prospect of a long weekend.
The Melbourne Cup is set to strike this Tuesday so after my hectic lead up (waxing, spray tans and manicures up to the eyeballs) it'll be nice to have a few days of nothingness lined up.


amberlee said...

I LOVE biochemistry! It is so interesting. I am so excited for the long weekend, bring on the lazy days.

katsicles said...

haha I don't get the fascination… although I'm glad I learnt about the bodies reaction to fructose, It was the technical names & remembering their functions that killed me - islets of Langerhans? ketoacidosis? cholecystokinin?! What the frang?

You're now a genius in my eyes xx

Lyn said...

And it's not just the sugar Kat. Have a read of this when you get a chance

Sarah said...

We really are all dying!! Seriously though, I'm not sure how long I will live but definitely want to feel as good as I can before I die.

My tattoo yearnings are getting stronger by the day as well.

katsicles said...

Wowo it just gets messier and messier when it comes to our health doesn't it?

Think I'll stick to less complicated thoughts of chillaxing this weekend ;)


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