Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Dear Wordless Wednesday,
I know I never play properly but
please grant me these few words today:
Poladroid is Awesome!!!

(I'm a tad bit obsessed with this app at the moment… can you tell?
For more proof Click here)

Happy Day to You xx


amberlee said...

and we are back!!!! Love your photos sweet!

Becky~ said...

Oh nice photos.A nightime post for you???Nice!

Little Nan said...

I love the clouds image....very dreamy! Have a lovely day x

ally said...

nice roids!!
sweet doggy too :)

georgi said...

your dog is SEEEEEWWWWW cute! (hahaha) - but actually. made me melt a little. x

katsicles said...

He is just all sorts of adorable isn't he?
Love him to bits! You could forgive me then for listing him as my ultimate muse lol


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