Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's All Greek To Me

My apologies now to all my non-Greek readers but I simply had to share this amazing piece of history I found today while browsing through one of my cousins Facebook pages.
These old folk songs invoke so much emotion in me regardless of what they happen to be about.
The voices, the music, are so unique and sadly I'm not nearly as exposed to it here in Australia as I was when living in Greece.
(Despite Melbourne having the largest population of Greeks outside of Athens!)

So I give a great big thank you to the special girl above who, when I saw her last, was merely a baby back in Greece yet now has blossomed into an insightful and intelligent young lady.
Bonding with her now as a young adult via Facebook (see, I don't just use it for stalking) I'm amazed that we've been worlds apart yet sharing similar joys and interests all this time.

With a maturity and sensitivity beyond her years I can see that she will grow to be a graceful and enchanting woman.
Although, I'd still like her to know that while that day will inevitably come I hope she can appreciate the beautiful and special person that she is right now… Regardless of how awkward she may feel sometimes.
(I see so much of myself at that age in you - I know exactly what you're going through.)

Thank you for reminding me of my roots and that our families hearts are a place we can always call home.


Becky~ said...

OPA I love her name.A Greek version of my own Rebecca.I wish I had that name,but my father isnt greek so I have the next best thing.

Take care Koukla!

georgi said...

oh thank you for that video - so beautiful to listen to! x


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