Sunday, 11 December 2011

Do I... Don't I? Will I... Won't I?

I have, what feels like, a really huge decision to make.

You all know how much I love joining in on memes….
ie: Much Love Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Polly Dolly, Sunday Sessions AND Shadow Shot Sunday to name but a few. Need I go on?
Tonight though I'm seriously thinking about taking that love one step further but am scared that I'll just manage to put my foot in it instead...

The ever lovely Tracy of Hey Harriet fame aka: Shadow Shot Sunday announced today that next Sunday will be her last one as host of this fabulous photography project.
I'm sure I wasn't the only one shocked and saddened at the prospect that it would all be over so soon.
Although technically it's been on going for the last 3 years, so many have only just begun to participate and lets face it we're selfish and never want it to end.

While a few have mentioned they'll continue the theme on their respective blogs, Tracy's put a call out for anyone who's brave enough to take up the challenge of running this meme in the future to contact her with their interest.

Cue: me and my foot…

Just as soon as I expressed my interest it instantly opened the flood gates of self doubt:
Will I be able to commit to such a project every Sunday?
Do I want to expose myself to so many new readers or am I happier within the safety of obscurity?
Will I be judged as unworthy of filling such talented shoes?
How will taking this on affect my blog either good or bad?
I'm so new to all this blogging business what if I just totally suck at the whole thing and this makes my suckiness even more apparent… 

But then I think;
What do I really have to lose?
If I'm sharing this responsibility with others then it's not such a burden right?
And who said it's a burden anyway? This could be a wonderful opportunity to open myself and this humble little blog to a whole new level… I always said I wanted a theme…
I could start a separate blog if I didn't want it to affect my personal stuff but then there's no reason I need to commit only to Sundays - I can still blog about my regular stuff on the other days.

Oh I'm making myself dizzy just writing about all this.

I do have a few days to mull it over so if all else fails I can simply say thanks but no thanks (and forever kick myself while merely participating in someone else's ability to be brave).

Aaahhh… What if, what if… my doubts will be the death of me.
I really want to take the leap but I'm scared… eek!

Tell me, if I started a Shadow Shot linky would you join?

1 comment:

Catherine Denton said...

I think you could totally do it! I haven't been part of this meme and I can't join in at this time, but I think it sounds like loads of fun.


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