Sunday, 11 December 2011

Neighbourhood Shadows

Just a few of the shadows I've caught while wandering along my suburban surroundings.
Linking up my love affair with Hey Harriet's - Shadow Shot Sunday.
(sorry for the repeat appearance of the broken fence - I have a thing for them it seems)


Hey Harriet said...

I like broken fences too! And how cute is that dog!?! Hey if you're interested in being part of a SSS hosting team could you bounce me an email? There are a few people that have put their hands up to continue running SSS and they've set up a new blog already. Yay! Anyway, if you'd like to help out just let me know and I can pass on your details as they may be keen on having another person joining them. If you'd rather not, then that's totally cool as you can continue being a participant as I'll be giving the details of the new SSS home next Sunday :)

My email: heyharriet(AT)

Cheers Tracy

Catherine said...

Love the staffie shot

katsicles said...

Isn't she glorious?
I agonised over whether to leave that one in colour or continue the black & white theme… she's the most beautiful shade of silvery blue in life.
I'll be on the look out for her again while out and about :)

Carolina said...

I forget sometimes the beauty of black and white. I was recently asked to frame a wedding photo in black and white --so elegant. Enjoyed your great shots.

You can find my Shadow Shot HERE

soho stitch said...

What a cute little staffie - great choice of black and white - it really captures the subject.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, I'm just aching to get my hands on that shadowy shovel!


If I were a shadow,
I would seek the light;
There I would glow sleekly,
Black and shiny bright!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadowy Grass and Snowy Shadows

Ms. Burrito said...


Late visiting from Shadow Shot, hope you can still visit my shadow entry, thanks!


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