Monday, 19 December 2011

Much Love: Whopper Weeks!

So I'm pretty sure I may be getting a nervous breakdown for Christmas.
This Monday heralds the first of my fully booked 12 hour days right through to Friday - a feat which could well be the death of me.

I swore I wouldn't talk about work on here (conflicts of interest radi radi ra) but what the hey, lets live dangerously.
The thing is I'm actually not complaining (surprised? Me too), if anything I'm rather excited! A bit nervous, but excited.

All of my closest clients, who've become more like friends than patrons over the years, sharing their pre Christmas experiences while allowing me to primp and preen them all to perfection for the holidays.
Trailing in one after the other, filling my home with chatter and cheer.

Yes it's busy and I barely give myself time to stop and grab a bite in between but I love it!
I love the gossip, I love the smiles, I love the glistening array of freshly painted nails and glowing bodies parading out my door.

The exchange of Christmas cards and tokens of appreciation for each other are just the bonus star on the tree of contentment.

Yes, my dear friends, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas xox

Sharing my Whopper of a Week with Anna @
Much Love. 


Catherine Denton said...

Sounds like so lots of fun work. :)
My Blog

amberlee said...

awww that is awesome lovely. i hope i enjoy my new job. Missed reading you xxxx

Thea said...

Oh how lovely!
Good luck.


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