Sunday, 25 December 2011

Spot on Santa… Spot on!

While I'm sure many of us here in the Southern Hemisphere have often wondered what it would be like to be lucky enough to experience a white Christmas, I'm also very sure this is not quite how we expected it to be.

Mind you all this rain and hail was dumped on us in a matter of an hour and during a balmy 29℃ afternoon!

We thought our street had been hit pretty hard…
At least it was, until we went down to check on my brother in-laws place and saw all this…

Hubby tried his best to make light of the situation,
but of coarse there was no denying that the damage would be extensive.

Guys, clearly you need to be more specific if ever asking Santa for waterfront living.


Becky~ said...

Hi koukla,a very happy New Year to you.Xronia Pola!

georgi said...

oh my goodness! take care in that crazy weather.. thanks for dropping by - happy new year and merry christmas in retrospect!



Lyn said...

Wow. As you say, not what we would expect when we think of a White Christmas.
Happy New Year Kat

Thea said...

Wow...just wow!
That's wild...literally.


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