Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Old Friend, Plonk

Alright, so it's still 3 days till I'm allowed to have a drink but it's almost Friday... so in the spirit of ingesting every alcoholic beverage I can't get my sober little hands on, This post is for you.

Firstly I bring you....

Mmmm... Just looking at it makes me feel all toasty and warm inside.
Shattered I couldn't host a Christmas in July feast this year. 
(Damn it, if I can't drink with you then neither will you - Baahumbug!)

And lastly I give you this latest offering from Rekorderlig.
Winter Cider
But it's not just any winter cider.

.... It's one you heat up

..... and drink warm

This could be good ... or it could suck.

Right now I really don't care.
In my mind I'm imagining apple, cinnamon & vanilla flavoured angels dancing naked on my tongue but basically at this point it could taste like stewed socks and I'd still happily chug.

Well it sounds as though this will be my first science experiment - boiling something you don't want to boil sounds harder than it seems. They say you want it to be hot, not warm, but not too hot as you'll cook off all the alcohol. Kinda defeats the purpose if that happens I suppose.
Hmm ok so maybe I need to invest in a cooking thermometer... how else am I supposed to know before it gets to 77degrees?
Or maybe I'll just try the basic rule of thumb. Stick your finger in it and if its "almost" too hot to do that... then I should be right. Right?

Well, we just won't know till next week now will we.
Unless of coarse you'd all like to try one of the above this weekend and let me know how you go?...
nah, didn't think so. Fine I'll be your guinea pig. Just don't expect an unbiased opinion, remember I've been deprived.

Thinking of drinking
- Kat xx


georgi hampton said...

ooh please email me your postal address ( and i will mail you two sachets of spices for making gluehwein - german mulled wine if you like! x

Lyn said...

I saw your post on Thea's Blog and so I thought, since we are all having a bit of a downtime as far as visitors and comments, that I would come and visit and say Hi.
Sadly I find that I can't tolerate alcohol these days, but I got a real buzz reading about your concoctions - LOL

Odie Langley said...

My indulgences are saved to just before bedtime and wine is my friend. I think it really helps me sleep and surely helps me unwind after a hectic day at the office. Hope you have a great weekend.

katsicles said...

You really are so sweet miss hampton. Thank you for the lovely offer - I hope to take you up on it.
Your recipes are so intriguing :)


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