Monday, 15 August 2011

Honey, I Shrunk The Pimples

After all the stress leading up to the wedding my lady cycle went AWOL and my once clear skin hotfooted off with it replacing me with acne to rival my teenage years.

This is actually better than it was for my wedding day :(
By now I had isolated the breakouts to my cheeks and the ones on my chin and jaw aren't really visible.
Thank God for make up!

You may remember, back when I started doing the Dry July Challenge one of my aims was to clear my skin. (along with save some money and lose some weight. Oh well, what's that Meatloaf? 2 outta 3 aint bad?)
Yea, I lost a bit of pudge (2kg's all month is not nearly enough) and the breakouts weren't as bad but they hadn't left completely.
Plus I was left with some scaring and pigmentation.

Cue lightbulb moment!
Two weeks ago I was blog surfing and crashed into this old remedy at Lola's Buddhatropolis.
Having come from a holistic background in beauty myself I remembered the age old properties of this wonderful creation of nature and figured I'd revisit the routine after seeing so many positive reviews on

I chose to try:
- One tablespoon of pure honey
(mine was from Daylesford so it was probably Organic
but I think any honey will do so long as it's unprocessed)
- A little squirt of lemon
(I dab this onto the spots and scars BEFORE I rub on the mask)
- A teaspoon of Cinnamon (mixed in with the honey)
Step 1: Pat the lemon onto the spots you'd like to lighten and allow it to dry.
Step 2: Apply the mask to your face in a gentle circular motion.
I like to wet my fingers and pat them on my face a little before I do this as it helps the honey to spread more evenly,
(just so you're skin's damp not too wet or else the mask gets all runny.)
Step 3: Leave it on between 15-60mins
(depending on how long you're willing to sit around looking like a swamp monster)
Step 4: Simply wash off with warm water.
You'd think it'd be really sticky and messy to get rid of but it comes straight off with ease just by splashing your face as you would in the morning.
Step 5: Pat your skin dry. Never rub.
That's it, there's not even any need to moisturise - the honey does that naturally.

Don't I look hot?
Especially while making "the duck face" haha
Please ignore the one disgusting pimple (on my neck of all places!)
As you can see I wasn't applying it far enough - who would've thought?
Still it's pretty plain to see there's been a massive improvement since the start of July.
My skin is not only relatively spot free, the texture is smoother,  my blackheads have disappeared and my pores are tighter & clearer.
Even hubby noticed how soft and smooth it felt!

I highly recommend you give it a try.
I mean what have you got to lose right? It's only Honey.

Wishing you a sweet week.


Michelle said...

I bet the honey would be great since it's anti-bacterial. Much better than all of those other harsh treatments. Wish I would have known about it when I was younger! Stopping in from FTLOB!

katsicles said...

It's actually a wonderful cleanser, moisturiser and toning treatment all in one - The acne clearing was coincidental.
Nature really is miraculous.
Thanks for stopping by :)

est.1839 said...

Um, I totally am going to try this! I only break out once a month...if you know what i mean...but man it looks like I am 13 again!

Does the lemon lighten scars? I have a few red spots, etc. I'd assume it does....

anyway, popping by from FLOB!

Moe @ est. 1839 blog

katsicles said...

Exactly, which is why they only recommend squeezing it into to mask mixture if you have really oily skin or severe acne.
But if it's just for a few spot problems simply dab it on like I did then when it all clears up skip the lemon entirely and just stick to the honey (pardon the pun hehe) for toning and moisturising.
Good luck & let us know how you go x


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