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  • Starting Seasons photography project of Melville Park

Success? I think it may be official.
Here I am giving you Post # 2 and already in just a few short hours I've had 20 views.
Small potatoes, I know, but somewhat satisfying none the less :)
Even though most of those were probably just flicking through - I'll take whatever credit i can get lol.

After last nights obsession with editing and re-editing my first post I was left feeling rather optimistic about the future of this humble little blog. So much so I actually couldn't sleep I was so consumed by thoughts of what new literary delicacies I could dish out to you lovelies for your mental consumption.
Is that just a bit sad? - probably...

But boredom is a constant companion in this modern fast paced world of ours and you should know one of my many faults, or attributes depending on how you look at it, is an over eager desire to please. So the last thing i want is for anyone to feel bored by my ramblings.
Which brings me to the introduction of my project:
Seasons Photography

Now I don't pretend to have any photographic skills whatsoever and for fear of becoming all Single White Female (remember my inspirational friend? Well photography is kinda her thing - lets be honest, she rocks at it) I promise it wont be the focal point of my blog like hers.
I mean, I would be very surprised if it did considering I'm the kind of person who lops heads out of photos and still cant manage to sync my camera with my MacBook -  I swear my cameras memory card doesn't seem to be compatible with it. Either that or I'm likely to be doing it wrong... Hmm, Which do you think it is??? haha ;)

Anyway the inspiration came on one of my walks with my dog the other day. Its become a little ritual that I take him to the same park every couple of days and I enjoy it but I never really took the landscape in at the start. No more than I usually do anyway. I'll admit with some music in my ears and my running shoes on I could walk and walk for hours but recently I came across a group called Explosions in the Sky and their form of post rock instrumental music absolutely moves me like nothing else I've heard. For some reason it only seems to have this exact effect when I'm out walking amongst nature and makes me so much more aware and appreciative of the beauty of my surroundings. In particular a song called: So Long Lonesome.

(all the nicest videos to go along with this music have been disabled so this is the best i could find. Still somewhat pretty I suppose..)

(Besides the random little drummer boy at the end. Wtf is with that?! I was waiting for the sun to set and out of nowhere  you go and pop up. Way to ruin a clip D-bag)

Its quite contemplative music but I think you'll agree it seems to mesh well with nature. In fact their music has been used in countless documentaries.
But I'm rambling off coarse again....

So back to my epiphany, while out walking with my ipod and my dog, feeling all inspired by the trees & shiz I thought;
"Wouldn't it be a nice little side project if I could capture the change of seasons and its effect on the park during my walks out, not only giving me another creative outlet but also encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. Who knows I may even learn a thing or two about artful photography."
Hopefully anyway.
So that's the plan
Step 1. I took an array of photos while out just before so Step 2 is to actually figure out how to get them onto my computer ready for editing. May have to recruit the help of Miss Mitts on that one...
Geez louise i'm hopeless with technology! I'll definitely be one of those old women who cant work out why the remote for the T.V won't change the channel on the stereo (in fact I'm guilty of doing that only recently :/

Well stay tuned and with any luck this thing called Kitty Litter may turn into something interesting after all xox
- Kat

Look I figured it out - yippee!
Out on our walk earlier today. Isn't he the just the cutest?

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