Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hour of Power

So this is the madness that is involved in my hour of power.
I usually get through most of this - minus the leg lifts. I just can't think of a substitute for them when working out at home.
The last part is usually more of a power walk with Oski and we're usually out for a half an hour or so. I just cant bring myself to run after all that!
Maybe one day.

My goal is to lose another 4kgs and be down to my pre relationship weight by this summer (I gained 17kgs in the first year I met my now hubby!) but managed to lose a lot of it leading up to the wedding. It's amazing what love and contentment can do to a girls figure! 
That's one good thing about stress though -  if you can use it to your advantage it can pay off. Walking to clear your head is always a good start.
Well I'm off to tackle the day. Those Ferrero's aren't gonna burn off themselves.

Need a further kick in the pants to get moving?
Check out my inspirational/aspirational board for some more stimulation :^)

This is an awesome link to a website I stumbled across on Tumblr! It's a diagram of the body and you just click the area you want to work out  and it gives you a list of exercises. Enjoy!

Be well

(Ok, so i just realised doing lunges is about the same as doing leg lifts... go me with the excuses!)

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