Friday, 17 June 2011

My Big Fat Greek Blabbing

Ok so this is turning out to be more of an on-line diary than I would've liked - but I just cant stay away!
(Told you I had a big mouth, well overactive mind at least - sorry, but don't say I didn't warn you).

Once I can start uploading pics I'll be sure to talk less... I think.... hmm, probably not..

I also haven't forgotten that my original purpose was to share with you some of my creative writing but this requires a trip to Kastro d'Acropolis (aka my parents house) and like a black hole once you step through that threshold you may never come back out!

Greeks have a way of turning a short visit into an all day fiasco of feasting, gossiping and just general ruckus till you're so confused about why you were there in the first place that you need to spend another half an hour trying to remember.
All this between mouthfuls of meat and carbs. And don't even get me started on trying to leave... as horrid as this sounds I've actually had to hang up on my mum mid phone call in order to break the time loop continuum that is her conversation.
(Now you know where I get it from haha)

I know I shouldn't complain. I'm lucky to have such wonderful parents - exasperating though they can be.
I've always been Daddy's girl & I love my Mama with all my being - her cooking and larger than life personality really are the paths to my heart.
I don't know what the main preconceptions of little Greek mamas are but let me tell you; what mine lacks in height she more than makes up for in vivaciousness and homemaking skills.
I can tell you some stories, (namely my Hens Night) but lets save them for another day shall we...

I'm actually heading down there this weekend with hubby, so hopefully while they're distracted with fattening HIM up
(the man always gets taken care of first, totally chauvinistic but not worth the battle caused by me pointing out this fact) I can sneak away quietly and track down my old folders of fiction.
Provided mum hasn't hidden them in "a safe place".

*A safe place - The Bermuda Triangle that coexists in the Black Hole
*The Black Hole - My Parents House aka Kastro D'Acropolis aka The Wog Villa

Well wish me luck on that adventure. It's been 2 weeks since we visited mind you so the lecture we're about to cop on that front followed by the amount of catching up to do should equate to a 24hr affair. God help me!

See ya on the other side xo - Kat

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amberlee said...

Welcome to blog world! Loving your big fat greek reflections and thoughts xx a

P.S hope you survive!


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