Thursday, 23 June 2011


20 mins later and I'm $500 poorer.
Although this Natropath has confirmed a lot of what I was told through countless blood tests over 2 years (and some very embarrassing personal expeditions into my nether regions) all by just staring into my eyes and jotting down some notes. 
Sitting there I wished I'd known that my diagnosis could've been that easy 14 years ago. 
It's been quite an uncomfortable ride to say the least... anyone who's had to live with polycystic ovarian syndrome will know exactly what I mean but I'll spare you the details.

Soon after taking the first batch of herbs I remembered why I ditched this option in the first place.
I've ingested some pretty gross shit in my time but let me just tell you this series of vile goop takes the cake, stomps on it and burns what ever reserves are left in the world!

Aaah the quest for good health, what a disgustingly difficult bitch you are.

C'mon science nerds, tweak some research. Surely cream buns and sitting on your fat ass cures or prevents some sort of disease...

Oh well for now I'll just try to remember 
  • the more disgusting it tastes the better it probably is for you
  • No pain no gain
  • having this condition FORCES you to take care of yourself rather than being able to get away with treating your body like a waste basket.
And so the journey goes on.
Wish me luck
xx Kat


amberlee said...

Herb mixes are dreadful!! Poor darling! That quote is so true, starting and wanting to change is the hardest past xx love love

amberlee said...

P.s I think I need to take your lead and join you. Body is a temple..... or something like that.

katsicles said...

haha yes yes - next month should be interesting - I've dug myself into a nice little hole of accountability lol


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