Saturday, 18 June 2011


Dear Kranski,
You rock my world.
Maybe not as much as white wine but I think we could start a love story all the same.
Just not the 3 of us - ever again..
xx Kat

Note to self: Menage a trois - not such a great idea.
Kraskies + white wine  + me = Bad romance.
I'll be sticking to the beers next time. Woke up feeling a lot less than ordinary and the repetition of sausage and wine all night long really wasn't appreciated.

As for clarity regarding dishonourable mention, I've come to the conclusion a response isn't even warranted, that I'm too soft for caring and that the only reason she contacted me (like always) is because she wants something. Cheeky bitch!

Honourable mention to Miss Mitts: Thank you for the camera advice my lovely - Totally worked and I'll be sure to spend countless future hours wasting plenty of valuable time playing with the many features of iphoto to create something that resembles a picture of semi artistic merit.

Seriously jump on this girls blog - you'll see what I mean by inspirational photography:
Just a touch of shameless promotion... had to do it eventually.

Well I'm off to wax some more hairy fluff, just thought I'd sneak on to catch you up on the latest briefly before the next wave rolls in.
May even get a chance to do some dodgy photo editing while I'm at it.

Chat soon xx

1 comment:

amberlee said...

oh why lovely you are too sweet! Cant wait to see your pics.

p.s i am having a huge kranski love affair. Yummmmmmmm!!


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