Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dry July

I guess if you're reading this it means I'm actually going to do it. (Up till now this post has been sitting in my draft pile deleted only to be re-writen - twice!)

You're totally going to think I'm being a little bitch but after the way I was left feeling all day Saturday after just a few glasses *cough* a bottle *cough* of wine Friday night and waaay too much sausage (of the wrong kind) I'm seriously wondering how much longer I can go on with this lifestyle.
Not that it's unusual for me to drink a whole bottle to myself or sadly what i'd even consider excessive drinking especially on a Friday night but I did have to work the next day and I don't seem to function very well with a hangover these days.
Surely I'm getting old. Not to mention fatter.

Something has to change.

Then last night, while trying to amuse myself with some mindless magazine flicking, I came across an article in July's Cleo entitled: Teetotal Twentysomethings.
insert link here 
(which i will do when the cleo website decides it wants to play)
Rather fitting I'd say.

So for now I'm actually toying with the idea of signing up for Dry July
I stress: Toying with the idea of...
though I think I actually might and now that's it's out there in blog world I think I probably will.

Surely it couldn't be that hard. Famous last words? hehehe

I dont think I drink that much on a regular basis (that could be delusion talking) and the sacrifice would be worth it.
Clear head, clear skin, healthier liver & bank account up to 4kgs weight loss (so the article says) but most importantly it's for a good cause that's close to so many people's hearts.
Too many of us have been affected by the cruel disease that is cancer. How I hate that word and the feelings it conjures up.

Well that settles it - I'm signing up today.
Wish me luck peeps - you know I'll keep you posted xox

p.s. I bit the bullet - God I'm sooo scared... I can't remember going longer than a few days without a drink... this may be harder than I thought - oh dear :/
If you'd like to show your support or donate to the cause please click on my link below:
All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

Even your comments of encouragement would be much appreciated 

1 comment:

amberlee said...

What a fantastic idea! Good on you. Wish I had as much will power as you. Maybe I will give it up next month....


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