Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Truthful Tuesday

A few truths for Truthful Tuesday:

  • I almost devoured a whole box of Ferrero Rochers last night (in truth there are 6 left... oops now there are 5 - there were 16. Shhh!) 
  • I am meant to be making up for this fact by being at the gym bright and early for an Hour of Power sesh (but instead am here blogging to you and playing with more internet distractions - curses!)
And now, so I don't feel as though my whole morning has been wasted I'll proceed to show you a little of what I've been doing.
 Checking out the popularity of my little poser on pinterest - isn't he a darling?

More editing.

The first thing I see when I open my peepers in the morning are the beautiful keepsakes my precious family and friends gave me on my wedding day this March.
I wonder if all that sun that streams through my room will damage them? Maybe I should put them away in my keepsake box - but then I wouldn't get to wake up to them every morning and they make my room so much prettier.
Hmm maybe in a few more months when the novelty has sort of worn off... hopefully that happens before the shine and colour has, we'll see how we go.

K, time for my gym pants. No more excuses - Off I go!
Have a terrific Tuesday xox


amberlee said...

oh how i love chocolates, ma had so many treats in this house. Its killing me!!

katsicles said...

Had? I guess that means you got to them. What's going on this week? Have we all lost control lol!
Oh well you've been working very hard lately you surely deserve some treats xxx


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