Monday, 20 June 2011

Feeling the Love

Finding something to love on a Monday is hard enough let alone when your monthly friend decides to drop in turning your moods and mind all topsy turvy.
All the more reason to go in search of lovely things I suppose :)
Here are some things that have made me feel the love today:

  • My dear clients that have spurred me on to be even more determined to take on this July challenge.
  • Some images I found on the web today (along with an attempt at an entry to anna's blog that i wouldn't even dare to submit)
  • The wonderfully talented & glorious Adele


            Me & my darling heart before making things official

My much love imaginary entrant. 
(that I'm no longer loving all that much)

Some images from my winter wanderings

And last as well as least - My shitty attempt at some photo editing...
Wish I could take better photos worth sharing but for now I think I'll stick to sharing the ones that inspire me instead.

Foot note: I guess I need to find some love for myself today too for at least trying and for having the courage to share my attempts (no matter how crappy they are) instead of hiding away in self doubt. It helps to know it's early days for my blog yet so not many people will be looking at these anyway lol!

Much love to you


amberlee said...

it took me ages to do a much love monday entry! but a favorite saying of mine lately has been fu#k the haters!
P.S love your garden shot, so pretty xx

katsicles said...

True - need to do a little less self hatin', that'd be a good start.
Thanks for the encouragement sweets xo


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