Wednesday, 15 June 2011


As in: No F'n Idea what I'm doing...

Ok, well I guess this is blog post #1 and I suppose you'd like to know a little bit about what I aim to do with my little piece of cyber space. (Assuming I actually manage to conquer my computer illiteracy and successfully post what I'm jotting here...)

Once upon a time there was a girl who quite enjoyed writing and expressing her creativity through the art of words and illustration. As time went on, age and responsibility (or perhaps a little laziness) took over so pretty soon she found herself neglecting these skills and falling deeper and deeper into the mundane world of real life.

This here blog is my attempt at reawakening that young girl within and sparking that little flame of creativity again.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure where this whole thing is heading exactly and I sure as hell hope it doesn't turn into a boring on-line diary - for your sakes... Truly, my life is not that interesting.
But I did get some assurance from a friend whom I consider an enormous inspiration at the moment, that this whole online blogging process can be quite soothing for the soul and has a way of unveiling itself in its purpose... although right now I'm feeling a lot more nervous and self conscious than anything close to liberated.
Wish I knew how to keep this whole thing anonymous for now. At least till I get more comfortable with what i'm doing.

There's an enormous vulnerability that comes with not only expressing your inner most thoughts but sharing any sort of projects we attempt. They're these little labours of love that we set forth into the world and hope with all our hearts they aren't judged too harshly.
And I must admit I am my own harshest critic. So on that note I'll stop with the self reflection before I reflect so much I delete this whole post.

Wow this has turned into quite the ramble: I cant believe I'm actually about to push PUBLISH POST - Do I dare utter a timid "Woo Hoo"
Oh dear only time will tell if it becomes an "oh no" instead...
Well, for now at least, I guess its "Bye Bye"-

Timidly yours,
Cowardly Kitty xo


Anonymous said...


Came from our lovely friend Amberrr's blog!
Didn't know you had a blog too! And your post #1 is definitely a Wooo Hooo!!!

I love learning what ppl adore and see through their eyes. But I don't have my own little place to write them down yet... Like you said, it is definitely the vulnerability I'm afraid of.

But seeing both you and Ambs creating such a beautiful pages, I think I might open a blog page to..... hehehehe

Thanks heaps for the inspiration!!! You must come over for some dumplings and curry soon ;D

japanese master chef


katsicles said...

Oh thank you so much dearest.
Yes it's been a secret labour of love for now - writing is a little daunting at times but mostly it's just nice to express myself, even if it's a little too honestly at times hehe.
If we're lucky though we come across like minded people through these funny little blogs who can help us realise we're not alone in this crazy old world.

We definitely need more beauty and love in life so go ahead and get spreading the joy.
Mmm speaking of joy, your dumplings and curry are right up there in the top 10 list of joyfulness. Must come around for a fix very soon xx


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